This is an article from 2018 – how pathetic

Faurisson was a fan of his. We looked at the redeeming American of the conflict of conflicts, now we look at the redeeming Frenchman. Some know of his A Journey to the End of the Night, which in my opinion is another one of the best books of the 20th century. These pamphlets in question aren’t really pamphlets, they’re just called that to denigrate them- they are titled Trifles for a Massacre (which was translated anonymously), School for Corpses, and A Fine Mess (which is untranslated). He also sent about 40 letters during this time in which he presents himself as the pope of racism.

This theme again keeps popping up – is this what that war was truly about?

he denounced not only the Jews and the Freemasons but also the majority of French people, suspected of interbreeding and of being stupid

It does seem to be the secret meaning of that conflict, and even the secret meaning of our own time.

Besides this “trilogy” he has a later trilogy he wrote about his escape to Denmark, where he spent six years after the war.

Funny observation from a 2003 article

These books are not allowed to be published in France, as they are thought to be incitements to hate — but today, at a moment when one can freely read the Marquis de Sade’s celebrations of the sexual torture and murder of children, one wonders when we will be free to read in English Celine’s “Bagatelles pour un Massacre,”

Once again, I’m interested in the meaning of Evil. Some things in our time are seen as more evil than the sexual torture and murder of children, and that seems highly questionable to me.

Interesting concept

These ~pamphlets~ exist via “guerrilla publishers”. The first book of the trilogy has been deemed “a true call to a pogrom” so that probably explains that!

There’s been a debate as to whether the trilogy is fictional or not, figurative or not – it seems to be a “hybrid genre”

So, another one of the rarities of world literature we can place beside that Russkie’s Egyptian Darkness trilogy.

Similar to the way the soyjacks lament that the Pound of the fascist broadcasts is the same Pound present in the Cantos, they lament that the Céline of this trilogy is the same Céline present in the novels that lead one to speak of him in the same breath with Proust. I always talk about humor here. THAT is humorous to me. Another funny thing about the first installment of this is that one of the themes it revolves around is–ballet. Ever hear of a “true call to a pogrom” like that?

Here is Céline himself on his craft

It is not my field, ideas, messages. I am not a message man. I am not an ideas’ man. I am a man of style.

He aims to convey emotion, not “ideology”. Sounds something like a psychopath if you ask me. He fought in those infamous trenches during WW1 so that isn’t that surprising. This is another writer more dangerous than Jünger who the petunia-right doesn’t talk about very much.

In creating this trilogy he was one of the only true “grandsons of the revolution” in a sense. He thought the Jews were as powerful in France as the 18th century royalty was.

How many buried gems have I shown you now? I hope someone’s keeping a list, because I lose track myself. If even 1/16th of all this material was even slightly mainstreamed there would be murder murder murder. Just read Brave New World, kid, that’s all you need to know about dystopia – that’s what they want. What a shameful display a few months ago when everyone was babbling about Dr. Seuss being banned. You are spiritual children.

So relatable, his condemnatory spirit

It is time, I think, Aryans, to say your prayer, to really admit that you are all doomed, happy victims, consenting.

The ones that recently blocked the publication of the trilogy I showed you initially deemed the books to be “meurtriers” (murderous). People just want to read about ballet, relax.

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