I love my readers. Seriously. Could you ever believe me?

I’m not going to be praising any white men, I EXPECT them to be admirable people. For the others it’s a different story. You have to deal with a lot of pain if you continue to visit this place. The same kinds of things I fault you for exist also among white people, there’s a continuum. We ARE “one humanity” in that sense. You might have noticed my shift in the last few months. I don’t really think that highly of white people anymore either. I’m not trying to be destructive or constructive here, only telling my experience- that’s what I always do. Most people exist on the “subhuman continuum”, whites, yellows, browns, and blacks alike. My only point is that if you want ideals in life there’s an obvious one to look to. One of the defining features of being less than human is making up lies about this subject. If all you care about in life is eating, fucking, and sleeping, you are a nigger. Many whites are like that. Despite that, there’s a noticeable pattern where you find the non-subhumans tend to be white. Once in a while you might see a Jew or Indian or Muslim that is a human being, it’s just not often. I’m a really strict person so don’t take it too personally. One of the main signs of a real person to me is if they can deal with the social contract being burned. And there’s hardly a Jew or any woman or other non-white in the world that can do that. It’s almost always white men who are able to deal with it. I say deal because no one is perfect. This is about people who believe in perfection. The subhumans are incapable of doing that, it’s too much of a burden on them. Again though, I love my readers. Whoever you are, I definitely am not able to philosophize in real life very much. Observing Americans truly is like walking through a zoo. Each kind of animal is different and each one is easily detectable as an object. What weighs on me is that I am a wishful thinker so I always expected to find a non-animal some day. They’re all just gears in the machine. I’ll have to lower my expectations in life if I ever want to be happy. Spending decades of my life with a gear-woman with gear-children in a gear-career, I really look forward to that! I need to learn to exclaim that with authentic enthusiasm. I don’t know if I ever could, so that’s my trouble. Children being brought up in our culture and having jungle tastes, I guess I’ll just have to learn to smile. Civilization burning around me because of Jews, I guess I’ll just have to tell myself “That’s God’s Plan” and continue to smile. That’s what many of the more perceptive ones seem to do. Is that the mature response? At least you survive at all and have a menial happiness to go with it – is that what they tell themselves? Obviously, that’s not who I am, at the moment at least. I can’t be happy with that. Are you really happy? Are you one of those people? If you’re here then I doubt you are- I’ll go ahead and spoil that illusion for you. Why are you here, I really wonder. Unless you’re a fed, then it’s obvious you just want to learn how to counter the “perception of the zoo” of mine. You know it’s possible to stop being someone who is perceived as a zoo animal? I love my readers, if you’re here you’re at least only half a zoo animal, and that’s more than I ever could’ve expected.

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