A recent death, that I will remain indirect about “for reasons”, was one of my favorite from the carnival menagerie. If you have the sharpest of memories you might remember me talking about an iceberg a while ago. He was well-aware of the kinds of things I talk about here and had more concrete details, being the person he was. It’s only after someone’s dead you truly appreciate them sometimes. I don’t think he was in it for the glory, I think he was actually someone who cared. One of the few redemptive boomers out there. He faked his death and has a smile on his face right now, just watch. He’s the kind of person who it wouldn’t surprise me if I learned that, and there aren’t many I can say that about. They’re going to do everything they can to erase him from memory for sure. He’s one of the more perfect models for “how to do it” in my opinion. You have to get well-known and trusted somehow, THEN you drop the politics on em. I bet this fucking clown is still alive somewhere, no that’s just my denial. Still, if he’s dead that’s life as an artwork, and there aren’t many cases of that. Kept saying they’re going to kill him, then they took him out of the public eye so his challenge to them was forgotten, then that’s when they killed him. You mess with “Capital” and see what happens. I’m looking out for you when I say to be wary of your friends. People don’t have to work for the government to be “feds”. It’s a real conspiracy. There’s a plot against self-awareness. People don’t want their vices recognized by the culture as vices. I was thinkin earlier that there’s more truth to the idea that the death of god was caused by Judgment than we tend to think. People try to write it off as the decline of the church. I think that’s an excuse in many cases and people tended to hate the ideals of God, the “Idea” in other words. And there’s a real conspiracy against the ones who make it known what they’re up to. Christianity hasn’t been truly abandoned yet, there are still steps toward making sure no one is ever given divine judgment. As far as the man in question is concerned, I think he’s going to heaven. That’s a lot more than I can say for most people alive today. A martyr, a true Christian, and a real human being.

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