The central theme here, the thorough extrapolation of rangordnung, is beneficial for everyone, as painful as it is for many. Ultimately, we’re all disconnected from God while living in the illusion that the ladder does not exist. There will be those who are blinded and fall away, and there will be others who will not be blinded and who will know how to filter the Ein Sof to those who ARE blinded in a way that isn’t blinding. The basic sociological categories, racism, classism, sexism, seem to be the main ways the Great Chain of Being is hidden in our time, delusions pertaining to racism in particular being of utmost significance of the three. The upper-class whites and jews lie to the lower-classes. There’s a self-referencing nature to the Great Chain of Being- it is less blinding depending where you yourself fall on it. I think Plato was right to make the Ideas inhuman. I would go further and say they’re anti-human. Amusing and disquieting thought that the Chabad is right that only Jews have souls. They have more centuries of literacy and material abundance to their tribe than any other on the planet. The fact of the historically recent Israel controversy leads one to suspect that their souls are hybrids of a sort, containing some degree of nothingness/evil.

Heh I type great chain of being into z-library and the most recent publications are 2011, 1981, 1981, 1975, 1936, and the 2011 book is a reprint of the 1936 book. Do youuuu seeeee what I seeee…

The 1936 book is lectures from 1933. William James Lectures. The philosopher of mystical experience.

Oh boy I hit a goldmine typing that into z-library. The 1975 book has let us say “anti-equalist” readings of canonical greats. The total inversion of the state religion. “Why don’t you just be nice?” I guess God isn’t nice. Every nanometer of surface of discourse in the west is covered in bubble-wrap so no one ever gets bruised. You think the light is going to boil the eyes right out of people’s sockets? With resounding indignance they affirm “YES”.

One of the 1981 books appears to be a mathematical take on the Great Chain of Being…

Don’t even say it Finkelstein. Shahak informs us your rabbis historically prayed to Satan. And that’s manifest in the shameless displays of vice among your womanfolk. Let the 21st century be the century of the whip!

The 1975 book was inspired by the 1933 lectures.

Look, anuddah one- we could use this

This is illegal mysticism. How could you possibly interpret this classic using an equalist ethos?

Symptomatic that I don’t see a stand-alone book on Plotinus who is the one who formalized the concept in question. Rubes cannot look directly at it at all. They automatically have to perceive it through June 24th, 2021 concepts which amounts to turning it into its opposite. Dat’s how it woyks. “How can we make this about hating white men?” You mean angels? Only someone with a skull full of soil would hate those. Barrenness, a climate hostile to life, where no seed can be planted, is all you will find in such skulls. Only one time have I ever seen someone admit to being an “orc”.

From the 1933 lectures- think of the French Revolution

There’s been a war against the Great Chain of Being ever since.

When humans hide the angels they stop being angelic themselves.

The purity of the Light is now equated with raw sewage (if you catch my reference to Euripides and Racine). Already in the second half of the 19th century it made you a pariah to call this equation into question. The truth is certain people can detect the Great Chain of Being in every sentence anyone says and they often contain a remarkable admixture of raw sewage. Stinky bird, hopefully there’s a strong rain.

That 1975 book was put together via a Medievalist conference, which isn’t a shocker. Lots of hidden light from that epoch.

The robo-people will read this and figure out how to do this somehow

“And what’s wrong with that?!”

You turn into them yourself when you do that.

Your personality is now similar to those at the bottom of the pyramid when you do that.

I saw the rabble rear its ugly head the other day, more robustly than usual. A public figure accused a prominent black woman of being low-class. And, suffice it to say, the mob attacked. They really don’t like that to be said. White people get very upset when that is said. Okay, the consequence of that is you’re going to be low-class yourself then.

That so many have to cope about all this in my experience is definitive evidence of the all-pervasiveness of the plebeian mediocrity. A democracy means that that is what is in charge.

A celestial thought- esotericism is about hiding angels because people hate to hear about them and hate you for causing them to hear about them. Esotericism and the Great Chain of Being are one and the same thing. It’s about hiding things from the lower beings because they will react negatively.

Person I’ve hurt, can’t we still be friends? I promise I’ll never change- can we still be friends though? AHAHA! I’m sorry though if your eyes boiled out of their sockets. Is it possible to forgive someone who blinded you?

This dialogue is theology for the illuminati

it is in Neoplatonism that they first appear as fully organized into a coherent general scheme of things. The dialectic of the theory of emanation is essentially an elaboration and extension of the passages in the Timaeus

Here is some of Plotinus’s exegesis

Not only beings having the power of choice, but also those which are by nature incapable of choice, and even inanimate things, send forth as much of themselves as they can

Most people can’t “choose” to understand the Great Chain of Being. They are only able to “send forth” progressivism from themselves.

It’s a strange coincidence that Lovejoy gave these lectures at Harvard in 1933 of all years. The conflict of conflict revolved around the question of whether the Great Chain of Being should be hidden or not. It was a question concerning the concealment of angels.

If your perception is not conditioned by Atlantean materials they are only perceivable as demons. Further, those materials themselves are only perceived in like fashion. Only a minority of mutants will not feel any ripples of disturbance from all this kind of talk.

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