A more difficult subject- anthropology of Europeans. Matthew Arnold, 1867

Anyone suddenly feeling like an African in a hut?

This Englishman believed both the English and the Celts could use some transformation. He calls them both descendants of the ancient Britons.

“Don’t you dare…”

Like I said, this is a more difficult anthropology.

Just imagine me crossing the English Channel while wearing safari gear.

I approach a given subject like Kant- I believe objective reality is possible to determine. Could you imagine ever sympathizing with Arnold here?

I must say I quite share the opinion of my brother Saxons as to the practical inconvenience of perpetuating the speaking of Welsh.

Only about a third of Wales speaks Welsh today. It was banned by the English king in the 16th century. And yet Arnold, this theorist of high and low culture, is bringing up the subject 300 years later. Why?

There couldn’t possibly be anything about this language that is as bad as the custom of having your own wife groom mistresses for you, right?

I obviously don’t care about whether people speak Welsh or not. This is just a thought-experiment to discuss a broader issue.

Arnold doesn’t seem like a close-minded bigot. Besides being a poet he inspected schools for proletarian kids for years. This is how he says he differs from his Saxon brothers

they would gladly make a clean sweep of [Welsh literature] from the face of the earth. I, on certain terms, wish to make a great deal more of it than is made now; and I regard the Welsh literature, – or rather, dropping the distinction between Welsh and Irish, Gaels and Cymris, let me say Celtic literature, – as an object of very great interest. My brother Saxons have, as is well known, a terrible way with them of wanting to improve everything but themselves off the face of the earth

I noted previously that he was inspired by a Frenchman to undertake this juxtaposition of the descendants of the ancient Britons. Everyone learns from everyone. Unless of course, they don’t. Are you going to learn from the Bantus to barter your daughter off as a child?

Someone like this is impossible to find in Europe, right?

I’m messing with you so bad right now.

I’m trying to push Plotinus to his limit. It isn’t easy. It’s easier to talk about the Congo.

If you want our culture to improve then talking in this way is necessary. Coincidentally, Arnold brings up the most glaring example of this, from a better time

the modern spirit tends more and more to establish a sense of native diversity between our European bent and the Semitic and to eliminate, even in our religion, certain elements as purely and excessively Semitic, and therefore, in right, not combinable with our European nature

Without the brainwash in place it’s a lot easier to separate what is European from what is Semitic than it is to separate what is English from what is Celtic, say. In other words there are gradations of difficulty, from the Congo being the easiest, to the Semitic being easy, to the Europeans being not so easy. And we live in a time where Europeans are forced to adopt Congo and Semitic values! I’d rather adopt Irish values myself, thank you very much. “Too bad you don’t have a choice.”

I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Ellis Island immigrants tend to have the same politics. And it is their general worldview which is perceived as politically correct. So I find this subject highly significant. What is actually correct?

I’ve given you a picture of the prevailing worldview before, and I don’t know if it’s correct. Let’s rehash it- “Presuming that me and mine aren’t judged, the world can go to hell. No one should be judged. Because that means I’M not judged.”

This isn’t the same as studying the Congo. And yet, I sense that certain of my readers might relate to those people from the Congo. Is that what we want in control of the political order? “I don’t relate to that!” I bet you’re lying.

Oh no, with this post I’m never going to find a Celtic girlfriend now. What else is new? “How dare you look at me real up-close.”

There seems to be quiet criminal activity going on in the US. And as we know, our culture is often globalized. What do these criminals do? They maintain an air of vulgarity. I know Italians for instance that aren’t like that, it doesn’t have to be you personally, there are just patterns one can detect. And it says something about you if you are an active booster of that air of vulgarity. I might as well still be talking about the Congo in this post if you’re like that. The Great Chain of Being. There are aristocratic Europeans, reasonable Europeans, and jungle people, and many Europeans are between the reasonable Europeans and the jungle people. So four types on the “chain”. Are you truly proud to relate to those hut people from my previous post? “I don’t!” Sure you don’t…

What is it with you and not wanting to give up “the Welsh language” anyway? If that’s where it gets you, relating to primitives?

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