This is crazy. The reason they’re niggers is because they’re a bunch of bastards

Christian missionaries tried to implement monogamous marriage practices and the small family norm onto colonized subjects and societies

Sorry, does that way of speaking not seem to be accurate to the reality? We live in a white nigger society at present. Thank the hippies, thank the Jews, whatever, that’s the fact. It seems similar to Africa too in that if their first relationship fails they just turn into prostitutes.

The offspring of a whore and a bastard, I wonder what the personality of that person would be like. Sounds like a great cycle to endorse. And yet many people do, because that’s what they are themselves. Okay, your model of civilization leads to huts. Are you proud of yourself, nigger? Can’t imagine you are. The pity-continent of all the world, that’s what you’re similar to. I can only hope people laugh with me rather than feel laughed AT, I can only hope.

The reason the orcs will never in a million years touch the idea of “stoppage inside the mind” is because they know it’s true. Are you happy that that’s your “contribution to humanity” you groaning retard? UHHH uhhhh I have no clear thought UUhhhh uhhhh. They’re just human bots that can only perpetuate more retards like themselves.

They’re so lost they don’t even want special ed teachers. They want a world of retards and nothing else because that’s too much of a burden to try to learn. Yes, it’s easy to see right through a retard. I mean you Jews too, since you’re the ones allowing all this to happen. Only a retard would do that. Muh nobel prizes that I rig with my dune coon monetary strategies! I want all the cows of the earth to be replaced by you subhumans. Cows are worth more than you. I want to eat your steaks instead.

Go ahead and mention any of this in public you nigger. You won’t, probably because you support the mental stoppage project. A human would never support that. Nice English words and grammar though, at least you’ve mastered the appearance of seeming like a human. A monkey couldn’t do that. It’s something between a monkey and a human we’re describing here.

Look how the OG niggers in Africa lived

every male possesses the right to enjoy the intercourse with all of his blood brothers’ wives

It’s a whore culture. That kind of behavior leads to huts. America is a slut-hut. Are you happy? Without whites around you wouldn’t even be able to play basketball. You coon-enablers, I’m talking to you. Are you sure you aren’t a coon yourself? Every leftist has a secret they never tell anyone. Why do you identify with coons, tell me retard.

All they are is breeding-machines, and that’s what they want for us too

While just a few scientists reproduced the image of African men as supposedly unable to control their instincts, (which indeed was a common trope in anthropology and popular culture) a far more significant number of texts focused on African women, who were described as hyper-sexual, promiscuous and seductive – which demonstrates the highly erotic character of these writings.

You’re a bunch of hump-monkeys. You don’t care about abstract conversation. You fuck, and that’s it. Sorry to sound old-fashioned, I only like to fuck things that are capable of having abstract conversation with me. Call it eugenics. If I learned a woman was using a bot to seem smarter than she was I’d just think she was a subhuman. Where we are in the west, with all the pity. “Redeem the niggers!” – that’s the motto of today. The reason they are dirt today is because they were dirt for thousands of years. You get a slight spark of consciousness and all you do is use it for immediate pleasure. That’s the definition of a subhuman.

Don’t think too much about old Africa

women from the isles of Zanzibar who reportedly used a ‘‘wooden stick in form of a male penis for mutual stimulation.”

It’s all about pleasure, and it’s all about not thinking. That’s why their skulls are so small. They use dildos with each other until a big dick nigger shows them they don’t need to use a stick, and on and on the brain shrinks. Is this a good thing? Try to tell me objectively. Which continent lives in huts and is the pity of the world? I’m done with you fucking niggers. There are higher things in life. Once again we have the same problem, the brains create electricity and the niggers only use it to make porn. Can you just make a beautiful novel or something? All you are is dildos and holes. Relativism leads to the huts of Africa, are you proud of yourselves? You fucking apes? No wonder I wouldn’t mind murdering you. There’s no thought involved. It’s only animals. Brainless niggers in denial of what they are.

I’m seeing lots of inadvertent thoughtcrime in this article if these subjects interest you.

Tempting to click isn’t it?

One of the most elaborate theories to explain the supposed ‘‘excessive’’ sexual behaviour of African females

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