“Here we go with ******’s nightly lament.” It’s my own genre, for elitists. They don’t exist, they all feel accused when I criticize them. Hello, your life is built on fraud, want to be friends? I wonder how that works.

Though, to your credit, there is one meme I saw that I think expresses something you’d never admit

The feds have already made you like them. Do you even need to pretend anymore? You are a fed probably. Hello. Nothing fazes you about being a retard because you already are one.

“We stalk you and use surveillance to watch your every move and no one is able to mention you at all.”

What are you trying to hide? I think you must not be very different from those we found in the huts. Except you might have white skin. What are you doing? My poor fallen brethren? Making sure imbecility is never questioned? “It pays to promote being a retard.” So that’s what you are then.

I just hope to show that life is pretty much meaningless when all friends and women are feds. What are you doing? Who cares to talk about anything when all you deal in is lies? You want everyone to be retarded and you never admit that’s the goal of it all. Such a meaningful political order.

I continue to play a harp for one particular person because I do not want them to be brought beneath humanity.

“We will make sure to erase any connection you had.”

What do you mean, are you a bot or something?

“We will make sure only subhumans exist in the future.”

That DOES sound like something a subhuman would say.

I try to find love in the world, and the internet only shows me there are people willing to sell their soul for illusion. Thanks for all the inspiration over the years. You’re a real person, I believe you now.

I admire you so much. I’m not the only one who looks to bring out the best in you. Forget about that. The worst in you should be brought out because the rabble cheers. Thanks for proving the kind of person you are again and again.

[An Advanced Course in European Ethos]

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