Man, they have this shit down to a science. You know what that means. We need our own counter-scientists

Pretty candid language, I’m sure this writer isn’t attempting to give indirect advice to the US

Seems over 150 distinct coups, or attempted coups, were studied. This book was published November 15th, 2020.

It might surprise you that some, even many, want our regime to survive

Think about this when they try to stir up panic about any of the usual “villain countries”

The threat of a coup is more immediate and unpredictable than the threat posed by civil war or international conflict.

I wonder if everyone in our military is aware of this statistic

Nearly THREE attempts a YEAR around the world. And how many in the US? Zero, every year.

This scholar claims that coups are the most practical way of toppling a tyrant. She says even failed coups can have negative effects on the regime because it causes a backlash of increased oppression. We ourselves see this very effect after Trump who arguably represented a nonviolent quasi-coup of sorts. I feel less freedom than I did in 2015, I know that.

One primary question to ask is how could we cause a collective defection from the military. Needless to say, that wouldn’t be simple. Regardless of that, the question can be asked. We need a Communist Manifesto for the military. “Just give up, it’s never going to happen.” You’ve been saying that for how many years now? You’re so inspiring. It’s possible to cause that defection with the right materials. You know my go-to is “shows”. I doubt they’d air something like that on TV. That’s what we have the internet for. It’s so good, and so relatable that half the military tunes in, secretly. The armed forces are the very center of power. This is hidden. We’re still living in the time of the sword. We just have more advanced weapons now. Everything relies on the threat of violence. The government would reach for the military only to discover the military hates their guts. “We don’t work for you anymore.” Tell me a funny show couldn’t be made out of that. How much energy was wasted revolving around “the election”? Do you remember that waste of time? If you really want to be truly political you’d make a show like that. It could even take place after a coup has already occurred, and leave it to their imagination how it’s to be done. Just to plant the idea in an entertaining way. Do you remember the show Scrubs? It could be as lighthearted as that, depicting life after a coup. I’m asking for ANYTHING. Everything on the screens at present is useless. Worse than useless- it only reinforces the regime’s stability. What do people do with their time, I really want to know. Don’t people care about art? Or politics? What the fuck are you doing? You live 80 years and you don’t try to screw with them at all. Sounds like a meaningless submissive life.

Look at this sunshine statement

scholars and policymakers do not yet know what works to prevent coups.

Is this “treason” to talk the way I do?

What a concept

In all this plan to build a second Army one thing stood out prominently: and that was a plan gradually to strangle the Regular Army to death.

While it does sound like a fantasy, it does have to start somewhere. Are you patiently and obediently waiting for your next “democracy fix” a few years from now? You going to get really energetic about that? How gullible do you have to be? This is pretty much the only option. Cast your vote by putting thoughts into plotting a coup.

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