All I do is push a given telos to its ultimate conclusions regardless of the consequences. You’re not going to find many kindred spirits if you do that. When you reject enlightenment tolerance all the way you’re not going to have many friends, if any. No real friends anyway. The ones who have one foot in society might as well be my enemy too. Your consciousness is something precious, you know? If you fuse it with the rabble it is next to useless. I will describe this problem to you directly- if you fuse your consciousness with the rabble you will not be able to understand any statements about the rabble, because you are one of them. They’re all spiritual feds that want self-awareness silenced. It’s a “din and a racket” to them to hear that, they have to hold their ears and writhe about. I keep telling you, that’s good for you. That’s not the sphere of society I address myself to. Even our upper-echelons can’t hear it, so in effect I always feel I’m writing to no one. Probably a thousand days in a row now I’ve awakened thinking “There are divine sparks, they exist” – this is what I always tell myself. “They exist somewhere”, that’s a delusion of mine. Again, I only talk this way because I suspect there might be some with a similar experience. I’m your personal puppet who talks. Someone has to talk for us. Over the years I’ve gotten the distinct impression people don’t want to hear our voice. I don’t really blame you for that, because like I’ve said, most respectable whites in our culture aren’t able to hear these things without recoiling and hissing. Just seems natural to talk about for me. If you want to start a Golden Dawn you should be prepared for an intense vetting process. The “enlightenment” was a lie. You’ll probably be surrounded with spiritual feds even if you had an intense vetting process. Nonetheless, that’s what’s needed, a spiritual order outside of politics. That’s the ideal. Almost all of humanity being discarded is what that entails. If you truly try to do that you will be a scapegoat. They are trying to preserve a humanity that lacks consciousness. That’s their M. O., everything revolves around that. If you’re a perceptive one you will have observed that any true heretic they encounter they will disappear silently. If you are one who identifies with that project, consider that you only hate self-awareness because you don’t have it yourself. The word nigger is very real, that’s why it’s so taboo. Most humans are niggers. Anyone who tells them what they are they necessarily despise. So, here, for my ten thousandth post to the world, I am speaking to people who aren’t “that kind”. Do those exist? You could’ve fooled me. It’s over 99.9% of people who are hostile to the unraveling of the implications of the Great Chain of Being. Which type are you? I can only guess.

And it isn’t only a guess. Via Aristotle, the sounds produced by the voice are the symbols of the states of the soul, and written words are symbols of the voice. It’s easier than you might think to recognize when an animal’s grunt displays itself. We actually have a word for that we aren’t allowed to say.

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