Still in an anthropology mood. This is Newton’s theory of the origin of civilization

Isn’t his contemporary Vico’s theory a bit quaint? That thunder scared people into caves, where the original “home life” began?

Finding explorers from before you know when takes some digging. We can actually recreate that experience of observing “the origin of civilization” if we wanted. I showed you that with Bryk the other day. Pretty disturbing findings if you ask me. One of the more controversial subjects I think is the idea of the nuclear family. Leftists and feminists always say it’s a construct and I notice they never show me any old anthropologists that confirm that. So what does that mean? My wife procures several mistresses for me? This is what I mean when I talk about how you’re not going to like Grug if you bring him back.

The bibliography at the end of that one essay which mentions the use of a double-ended dildo made of a branch has some interesting-looking explorers no one’s ever heard of, most of it untranslated. If you think of the basic theme of the Odyssey, the earliest western documents show both similarities and differences to the findings of Bryk. Odysseus “lives” with Circe and Calypso, while Penelope loyally waits for him to return. Some will say that Catholic norms were an evolution from that. Others will say Penelope should have her own equivalent of Circe and Calypso. A difference though between Homer and Bryk’s accounts is that Circe and Calypso are perceived as evil witches that distract Odysseus and impede his journey home, whereas the mistresses of equatorial Africa seem far from that. It seems like civilizations rise or fall based on which of these options they choose.

I wish you didn’t risk being cannibalized by going and studying those uncontacted Amazonian tribes.

This is said about the work of an old explorer of Ethiopia even

insights that would be impossible to uncover by present-day fieldwork.

I think it would be worth the risk. Wake up in a cauldron lol. To know the Übermensch you need to know the opposite of the Übermensch. People really don’t want to accept that the history of religion extends from the animism of those tribalists to the philosophies of the German Renaissance. Our enforced belief-system is something between those two.

Anyway, not to be insensitive… is it “imitation” or…?

the so-called “isolated Indians” cross the border and in increasing numbers roam indigenous territories on the Brazilian side, generating a climate of tension and fear. They stalk villages and fields, steal axes and machetes, and imitate monkey screams that frighten women and children.

This was in 2014 and it hadn’t happened since 1996. They usually stay away from civilization.

A map of uncontacted peoples, around the start of the 21st century

Question marks?

This is another one of those instances of the absurdity of focusing on the Middle East as the primary location to “help” primitive peoples. Question marks? We still don’t know what’s going on in the Congo?

As for the uncontacted ones of the east, that’s where Malinowski is known to have done anthropology work. We can do something similar to him it looks like.

40,000 people in this (Huli) tribe.

You’ve probably seen this other one before

What could that mean? It isn’t easy finding data on them. Not only because they’re so remote. Google doesn’t make it easy to find what data does exist.

There are 30,000 people in this Namibia tribe – what could we learn from them about humanity?

I should just ask the Chinese about these tribes, since we know the white tribe is uneasy about all this.

Here’s a more detailed map


The Baka People form an acephalous society, one in which there are no political leaders or hierarchies.

Pygmy tribes tend to be egalitarian and feminist.

Here is Malinowski

Are we evolving or devolving in the present day?

This is kind of what the hippies wanted

regarding descent—matriliny based on ignorance of fatherhood and patriliny in spite of this ignorance

It seems like we’re going back to the primitives if you ask me.

Our DNA hasn’t changed much over the centuries. When you eliminate all traditions that’s what happens. At least we have electricity though right? Savages with smartphones.

This is on those New Guinea tribes

Women are granted custody of children 90% of the time after divorce in our culture, so this is kind of similar.

It seems like my generation lives in the eternal present. They don’t wonder how kids will turn out if they grow up without a monogamous order. Kids are us in the future. I’m really not sure if they will turn out alright with the present norms. I personally like how we’ve distanced from these tribal peoples.

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