I’d like to hear it from your perspective some day. Why do I constantly have the distinct impression I’m talking to subhumans exclusively? Everyone is at least fused with society 25%. I want to know your perspective. “It feels bad, man.” You can’t just torch everything and that’s the reason you give. That’s my sense of it anyway. “Don’t do that, I feel like I’m getting burned.” I’m burned too, and I still do it. So what’s your malfunction? Just a constant awareness that people cry their eyes out at the slightest honesty. This has been my personal journal and nothing else for a while. Who do I actually find respectable? Just a world of very sad people. I’m sorry I keep saying this- get your blowup doll and then hate anyone to the right of you. Okay, that’s your escape raft I guess. I’m sure you want to encourage me to be like you. You’re woman’s slave, you’re the Jew’s slaves, you’re the uneducated crowd’s slave, and the third world’s. How am I supposed to find you respectable? I’m so excited to write on the internet when I know that’s the kind of person reading. It makes life so meaningful. Look, I’m doing it here now, I need to learn to stop erring like this. I’m far from a “monk” trust me, at the same time I know when people only really care about having a slippery hole in life. You “love” a zogling don’t you. I’m not a malicious person, that just seems to be the realistic perspective. At least you have a hole to actualize your bestial impulses with. That’s fine, I’m similarly-minded in a way. Is there no higher truth than that? I for one simply could never love a zogslave. They turn you into one of them when they grant you their “pleasure-box”. Nah, might as well be fucking a Talmud with a hole drilled in it. Even ostensibly rightist women hate the idea of someone questioning feminism. You’re a retard, just admit it. Why wouldn’t I question feminism? 99% of women are pure imbeciles and the only reason anyone pretends they’re not is because they want the slippery hole so they feel validated because they’re so pathetic that’s the only way they can feel worthwhile in life. You fucked a zogslave, congrats bro, now tell me what you think of this or that concept, ah right, now you’re a slave yourself and can only give me a PC version because you want to keep the slippery hole you fucking ape. I see through all of it. I’ll take a shit on a woman’s face before I accept slavery. Worthless bitch, who is probably a whore too. You really get my groins throbbing. Zogslave? How hot! Just because a majority is constituted by creatures of impulse doesn’t mean you should find reasons for flattering yourself. A bunch of subhumans who only want to fuck rather than understand the world. Hump-bots. “You need your other half though bro..” Is it your other half if it demands slavery from you? Make sure to say something about the Hebrew people sometime, I’ll be waiting. -looks at watch- Five years later and still nothing. That isn’t my other half, that would be like fusing with nothingness. You people better get your act together. How meaningless that must be. Slaves together is better than free and alone. How about free people together? Such a controversial idea. And why? Life is meaningless if I can’t have free thought with another person with free thought.

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