This Claude is taken to be one of the main founders of anthropology in the new order

(((Claude))) is one of the most prominent structuralists. Thus, one might get the idea post-structuralism was built on a false foundation.

Anyway- Anthropology™

Let’s go back to the anthropology of before the new order

While YOU probably never heard of him, figures like Marx, Darwin, and Freud had.

He helped some Iroquois indians prevent their reservation from being possessed and they adopted him into their tribe. This was in the 1840s. What is known notoriously as the “Indian Removal” took place between 1830 and 1850 as Americans undertook “westward expansion”, so this is a rare glimpse of them in their natural habitat before the survivors were forced into boarding schools. Who cares for “armchair anthropologists” anyway?

You usually don’t think of the noble red feathered race and imagine them having orgies

Taking a look at prehistory!

This is the same theme as that other buried anthropologist Edward Tylor

The idea of humanity working its way up from savagery to civilization is hated today.

They fuck everyone and they eat each other ahahahaha. The dignity of the individual- I’m not sure they developed that.

I’m not sure how universal all this is. There was a similar family system in New Guinea at least. And cannibalism is still practiced in New Guinea to this day. “What’s wrong with that, bigot!” The reason browns seem to lack creativity probably has something to do with this old family system. No one is unique, no one has unique parents. They’re all one blob. “Dissenters” probably would literally have been eaten. Do you want to go back to the blob? Alright, you’re a communist. Don’t “eat” me for saying that!

Studying Morgan, there seems to have been no personal human connection. They were connected to their tribe. I guess you get to pick a favorite after the orgy? So not much different from tinder culture.

It seems like in the evolution of civilization a people’s struggle with its demos is a prominent factor. When you have parents rather than all adults being your parents there’s more potential for individualism and thus separation from the lowest elements of one’s tribe. We see this today with home-schoolers. We still live in a highly collectivist culture, just one obviously far away from the Iroquois’.

People tell themselves this is “progress” when it’s just an excuse to return to savagery

The tribal elders of the Iroquois we have with the cathedral. We are all its faceless children. Everyone is a brother and sister. And if you refuse that you get eaten.

Reminds me of something from Agamben

it is well known that if a child is not somehow exposed to language before the age of eleven, he irreversibly loses the capacity of acquiring it.

This is similar to our not being exposed to various traditions. What do we have? We return to savagery without them. We eat and we fuck. All we have without tradition is bodily impulse. We don’t know how to “speak”. And people greatly distanced from tradition don’t know how to understand the “language” of old books. So all they have is the cathedral megaphones constantly blaring in their ears and their bodily impulses. The only reason people don’t eat and eat and eat is because that would reduce their chances of participation in the ongoing orgy. Spasming blobs within the greater Blob. That’s what happens when you have pseudo-anthropologists like Claude enshrine relativism as the foundation of the science of humanity.

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