300 years of anthropological data kicking around somewhere?

Nope, the first interesting document I find is from a time when other Spaniards, inspired by Cortez, sought their own “Mexico”

An Augustinian monk recorded the words of the leader of the Inca Empire a couple years before the Spanish took it over.

This is the kind of thing we’re still paying for today. I’m not a Spaniard, are you?

I don’t look for this theme, it’s odd I keep finding it when I study old cultures

his relationship with Marcos García sharply deteriorated when the Augustinian, who seems to have been somewhat rigid and inflexible, insisted on ending the ancient Inca custom of polygamy.

Is there a connection between that and remaining in the third world?

Again, I think it might have something to do with individualism. Everyone is so interchangeable. You just go from one person to the next because everyone is pretty much the same person.

The Andean people upon first seeing the bearded, white strangers perceived them as gods, in part because they could “talk to white cloths” like they talk to regular people, i.e. they could read. That’s a lot different from the Sun that they worshiped.

An interesting moment in history- when another of the last Inca emperors opens a book

This speaks and says that you are the son of the Sun? I, also, am the son of the Sun’ . . . Saying this, he hurled the book away.

They thought books could literally “speak”. They didn’t understand initially when they opened them and heard nothing.

This is weird

The last emperor of the Incas said people who needed writing had memories that were frail and weak.

Seeing that St. Augustine was considered the “lord” by the Spanish at that time. Imagine passing down the City of God through speech for centuries! That’s why these Spaniards rightly saw the Incas as “vile pagans”. Everyone fornicates with everyone, no record of wise men is handed down in a thorough form. Not to mention they probably saw their practice of human sacrifice as akin to ritual crucifixion. Ahh it’s good to be European. People still want to eat me for talking like this though. Stab my heart out on the altar.

So, the Incas hadn’t even reached the level of culture of the Greeks, and the Spaniards were just emerging from the Medieval Age. Talk about different evolutions of culture. Talking to white cloths…

I wonder how a Latino perceives a post like this. It probably makes white people just as ANGERY. They were savages.

These aren’t good innovations huh?

it is entirely possible that Titu Cusi’s gestures of his intentions to leave Vilcabamba, including the resulting text, were but a political smokescreen created in order to delay changes to the status quo. Indeed, Spanish culture of the letter and the law constitutes only part of the context in which to read Titu Cusi’s account.

[emphasis mine]

This was going on in the New World decades after Don Quixote was written. Do you know how advanced a text that is? The Spanish had the right to modernize these peoples. I believe that those of us who remember Old Europe because we can talk to white cloths have the right to modernize the decadent west.

Look, they did something similar a century before the Spaniards arrived

Although millions of people lived in the Tahuantinsuyu, only about 40,000 of those people were considered to be “Inca,”

I think all those people were better off with Spanish culture. Read Augustine for five seconds and get back to me.

The Incas were considered as nobility in that time. They had big ears from the jewelry they wore on them.

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