Something my Christian friends might like to know about

Fortin is a rare bird. They probably reserve the kinds of things he says for advanced seminary students. He just published about it, and not all theologians were happy with him for doing so.

See this tradition? This other Augustine book is similar to More’s Utopia

“Social Justice” people know all about these books, right? No, and it doesn’t stop them from voicing their viewpoints in a fanatical manner.

I’m not even going to look at them as lowbrow anymore. They have unibrows. Lookin good!

I’m going to go for the “universally loved” role in culture one of these days- always tomorrow. “You have NO role in culture! We only do the direct opposite of what you say.” Yes, you’re a retard with a unibrow, what else would someone like that do?

Don’t think you know anything about anything if you’ve only ever read cheap crap all your life. You’re just a symbolized, living, walking, blabbering version of Proud Ignorance. You make everything worse in society, you exemplify chaos and unhappiness- what else do you think chaos causes? It’s time to stop fetishizing being chaotic. You pillhead. I’ll wash you AND your dumbdumb drugs down the toilet. Wax that unibrow for me, please.

There’s such a real conspiracy going on between all the retards out there. I say we just put them all into a wood-chipper and fertilize the farms with them. They know exactly what they’re doing and they never admit. Thinking back to Darwin again, this is the evolutionary strategy of the retard. They want to make sure no one is smarter than them. We are living many many years after the Second French Revolution, their project has almost reached its goal of eliminating any semblance of divine judgment in human form. That’s what they hate. As pertinent as “intelligence” is, morality is just as pertinent. They’re bad people made of dirt through and through and only the ones who are at least semi-smart can detect how much of a nuisance they are. This is the rabble who hates being told what to do, even if it would be better for them and everyone overall if they were told what to do. They can’t take it. They need to be gods. The result is that we have false gods who have shit for taste and no sense of the good whatsoever. All they know is eating and fucking and whining about people who aren’t like them. I’m getting to the end of my patience with these creatures who I have to live in the same country with, a country that exports its culture overseas. It’s just the universalization of a neo-savagery. Can you read one good book in the last decade? You probably haven’t, it’s probably all magazine quality. And that befits a white nigger. I want our entire bourgeoisie working in a field as penalty for their behavior, with the lash on their back. Promulgators of pseudo-culture. The laziest people one could ever imagine in any fictional representation. No, unfortunately they’re real. Even when they wake up in the morning they’re still asleep. They surround themselves with people and media that only cause sensation, it’s an emotional feeling they seek- they go decades and decades experiencing nothing cerebral. Then they have the gumption to confidently spout about what they think the political order should be like. You don’t know. You read the equivalent of a magazine, if that, constantly. You’re dumber than a box of rocks and I question whether you have a soul or not, probably just a human body that knows English. All these THINGS can do is use their English to convince others to be an animal like them. I say we just start putting them on their knees and shooting them in the back of the head. That would be JUSTICE. Letting humanity devolve into animality is INJUSTICE.

How do you like that for the rhetoric of a Christian preacher? I dispense with all rhetoric, I tell you the direct reality.

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