I’m part of the Age of Enlightenment myself like anyone else. This idea of “preaching” is very off-putting to me hence there are no churches I like. I think it was Rousseau who changed things in a decisive manner. He just put his self right out there. The ideal in our individualistic time has shifted from preaching to going on a walk with someone in my opinion. Rousseau also wrote a Confessions like Augustine. They went on a walk, then he went on a walk with others, and from there it’s history. This is funny because we Americans tend to think “history” began with our Revolution, when Rousseau was writing before that, in perhaps a more eloquent manner than any of our founders. This is how they “getcha”. I’m not a patriot in any sense. Maybe I’m a patriot in the sense that our founders were reverent about old documents. Try to really meditate on this theme of adaptation. Rousseau’s adaptation of Augustine isn’t enough in our time. We need others to adapt it to the 21st century. I bet Rousseau would run away from me if he heard something I had to say on a walk. There are various definitions of “progress”. The progress that takes place on the plane of ideas is the least well-known. No one wants you to “confess” what you think about reality, that is a “heresy” to them. Myself, I don’t care, I’m walking, and if anyone wants to listen they can, and anyone who wants to run away they can do that too. I’m traipsing through the fresh air, outside of the city, and–who is that, why are you walking around here too? And no one needs to know about our conversation, we were only going for a walk. You know I always think of things “cladistically”. The internet doesn’t allow for the old confession booth. People have to deal with those torments locked up inside them. I try to just walk around on the internet, saying whatever I want. I’m not sure I’d suggest you do that yourself, only that I feel I can be more honest than virtually all the rest of humanity when I have that attitude. What would be the first thing you said if you knew 100% for certain that there were no status quo feds listening in? It’s just a walk and words, what could be so wrong with that?

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