Even the ones who portray themselves as removed from “fed life” are feds themselves. You really sold your soul huh. It’s a proud nigger. This type disguises itself as human, hopefully you can see. Monkey needs flattery or else it gets shrill. So let me know, you’re this ape the try to beautify in various ways? Prove to me you’re human. It’s a nigger.

Made of dirt. You can never accept that how you were seen in the old order still pertains to how you are seen now.

You’re such a good patriot and believe in the blank slate. You think you aren’t a nigger. That’s very funny. Tell me about your Jewish slavemasters and maybe then I won’t think you’re a total nigger. You can’t do that. Because that’s what you are, nigger! You fucking ape. Prove the type of being you are in life more. “The majority agrees with me at least.” Yes, you agree with the ignorant majority and make sure no one wiser than you tells you to your face that you’re an absolute retard with a unibrow, I got it, we need to have a unibrow future that resembles a retard like you. NIGGER! Kill them all. Who cares if they die? They’re not human. They want everyone else to not have self-awareness either. They scare you into silence so you don’t ever mention what they’re doing. We’re living in a KIKE political order.

“I’m a nigger myself so I will only reinforce the kike order” – yes, sadly typical.

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