You “people” are such niggers you’ve had to use bots for years while pretending they’re human. Do you think there is a definition of “nigger” that exceeds that? You exemplify nigger behavior. You have to use bots you fucking nigger!

“That’s fine, the future we imagine is unconscious anyway.” Yes, it IS a nigger future you imagine. Explain yourself for once you nigger. “We don’t have to, we’re the majority.” The consensus of ignorance, right. Not a human there I see. You should just own that word I like to say, because it is the one that describes you best. A total nigger without any dignity.

“La la la we’ll forget you said that.”

And that is what a nigger without any dignity does.

That’s the future you want you nigger. Enjoy. Braindead imbecile future. Look at the ape circle its cage, knowing it can only shout “Nigger future good!” That’s your nature. Something very similar to an animal. What a nigger.

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