Looks like a potential hero the progs could use

The offspring of a conquistador and an Inca princess from the early years of the conquest of Peru who ended up traveling to Spain and studying there.

Besides Columbus, our typical first image of the Americas is buckle-hat pilgrims. There are a few extant accounts from earlier times than that. The Mayflower reached Plymouth Rock four years after Garcilaso died. Progs can use him for what they will, I just want to know about prehistory.

What must this have been like

to represent, as Garcilaso himself insightfully puts it, the fact that now “there is only one world.”

Waves of globalization initially occurred as Europeanization, and today the opposite is taking place.

This is a peculiar case, his magnum opus

the relation of the Royal Commentaries to Thomas More’s Utopia (1516), explored by Arthur E. Morgan in his Nowhere Was Somewhere (1946)

The indigenous cultures of the Americas must have been like another Egypt of sorts. They even had pyramids.

Did this descendant of the nobility believe the old Inca government facilitated utopia?

You can’t trust someone like this in prog hands. All you can expect from them is to beautify it to the point of distortion.

The same tourists who gawk at the pyramids probably never think to study something like this. People tend to be visual rather than cerebral. This has to be better than pyramids.

Ugh, this first study to get some idea about it is another case of decolonize ya mind, MON, while being framed exclusively through the lenses of French POMO dolts. Whoa, this Inca has Derridean views, amazing!

Honestly, I just want be an explorer. I want to get away from all those bores. Those French are status quo today.

Garcilaso learned from that renaissance Platonist Ficino how to present a pagan culture to Christian Europe. This is already better than that Codex from yesterday.

Too bad more Latinos weren’t more like him

Garcilaso’s interest in Plato’s Timaeus in relation to the idea that the world could have been created only one time

Isn’t this an odd character to discover?

How these dialogues get taken down from their oral happening accurately and completely into a written version must have been a question on Garcilaso’s mind as he faced the challenge of rendering the oral memory of his panaca into alphabetic written form.

The Incas had a caste of educators called Amawtakuna which were sort of like bards. Is this similar to what the Greeks had before Homer wrote anything down?

Garcilaso is sort of like Plato in writing down the words of the “Socrateses” of the Inca civilization.

Locke and Hobbes reference him regarding the state of nature.

Here is the intro to the first study of him as a political thinker, from 2000. And it was expanded into a more thorough study in 2018 here. Just a bizarre figure to find.

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