Taking a look at that Polish literature again, which is going to take at least a year to get a glimpse at

I cheat the Christians, because the Talmud permits me to do so.

No one is like this at all. Not at all. You can just be happy that no one is like that, not a soul.

Unfortunately I can only find Levi and Sarah on play.google which is extremely annoying to use. Someone should make easy-to-read translated pdfs of all this. Unless you want to continue to be cheated? And lied about the fact that you’re cheated? I can’t do everything, I already do enough. All these books must be able to be converted to HTML, and then google translate does the rest of the job for us.

No one cares about anything so I expect this literature to remain buried.

Gah I just saw a picture of a coon. They put those everywhere and people get used to it. I don’t want to see that! I go to the zoo if I want to see that. This is your future, getting used to living in a zoo. The one I just saw was wearing glasses and a scarf. Wow, I’m so deceived. Please keep jungle people out of my perception, it’s like having to deal with a disgusting smell. And whose fault it is that this is happening? The eternal kike’s. Someone admit it, I never see people who admit this. You have to deal with this constant stench because of this nose-nigger that could never leave behind its desert ways.

These are the kinds of people they want you to never hear about – the author of Levi and Sarah

This is another Egyptian Darkness that can be adapted for the 21st century. This was written a few decades after the Pale of Settlement was instituted. When we kept those desert niggers out of society, the good old days. I tried a moderate approach to these shekel-apes many moons ago and they only want you dead if you so much as mention their influence or the teachings of the Talmud that got them in trouble in the first place, so I’ve settled on the conclusion that it would be for the best if every last one was murdered. Prove me wrong, one of you kikes. You only run cover for your crime family. Sounds like people who should be killed. Given that the military and civilian intelligence are far from aligned, our second best option for now is promoting these buried writings which expose your centuries of criminal behavior. Why does the US seem like the turd world more and more every day? That’s because everyone is brainwashed to have pity for niggers like Jews because of world war 2. I’m sick of the nigger culture. It’s worth ending many lives to put an end to that. I will not lose any sleep from watching the life leave the eyes of a Jew as I strangle it like the animal it is. This is the culture you bring about so what else are you? A light-toned nigger. There will be no greatness achieved in the west until the kike is wiped out, preferably in a brutal fashion at this point if you ask me. You have no freedom to say anything against this rodent. And that is by design. They’re secretly happy about that. The Talmud is in their blood. They hate you. You will not see a “noble Jew” ever step forward and denounce this baboonification of culture because they are a type of baboon themselves. All they care about is living in impunity beyond question with whites as their negro-servants. You stupid kikes have had to live in our countries for centuries because you can’t create your own country. And now you have to shake beggar’s bowl at us to forge that sad toenail in the sand. You’re not fit to be telling us what to do. Go back to your accountant gig, that’s where you belong. Even there you can’t be trusted, thus I say what is the worth of your life? Give me an answer, I bet you can’t. The problems you cause society far outweigh your virtues, and you know it. Hence the code of silence you implement regarding the fact that you’re an immoral desert nigger. Good thing there’s prison otherwise I’d pummel your skull into a pulp. Turn the US into a rap song you kikes. That’s what we see here. Even the poor Latinos that moved here have to live a pitiful life in that regard. This is YOUR culture, kike! You are the master craftsman of this. How do you like your creation? I want to make a lake of your blood and escape the summer heat in it after it’s cooled. Any of you want to step forward? Otherwise there’s a tattoo on your forehead now that spells “KIKE”. A worthless whore culture that’s scared into silence. Are you proud of yourselves? Go back to your desert and figure out how to run a country before you try it here. Step forward you fucking nigger. You won’t. Hence the conclusion is death. Fan the esteemed Hebrew people with ferns you white slaves. Watch as the jungle grows around you because of them, and do nothing about it. This is already a niggercountry that is next to hopeless. So what’s the silver lining? All these buried books. There are plenty of ways to discuss them without getting in trouble if you use code-language. Pretty much no one will even do that because the kike will sniff you out and oust you from society at the sign of the slightest infraction against this sand-ape’s primitive law. THIS is what reality looks like without optics. And they make sure you instantly forget with their systematic banning. Pluck your fern from the jungle foliage around you and start waving it for this piece of shit.

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