Elista’s favorite, Ostretsov, claims that the Bolshevik revolution was the result of a gradual shift in consciousness for over more than a century, and he traces it to someone you probably wouldn’t expect

Voltaire’s scoffing was no achievement of any thought. Itself, borrowed from ancient satirists, lightweight, like an Odessa anecdote, it could not be compared with the heights of spiritual culture of either the Orthodox East and its successor – Orthodox Russia, or the Catholic West.

He says many historians of freemasonry in Russia trace its origins to Voltaire. I told you, satire can be used for good or for bad.

Not only Voltaire. He says ever since the French Revolution those in the tradition of the Euripidean Racine were popular as well

from these novels they learned “family debauchery and deceit”, and it is no coincidence that the majority blindly imitated French customs and French fashion.

Something similar can be said about 20th century French philosophy in the 21st century US.

As Voltaire said, when the rabble begins to reason, all is lost.

that stream of “enlightenment” that swept over Russia and split its consciousness into two parts: Christian and pagan.

He wasn’t exactly an enlightenment thinker himself, he only thought the aristocracy should be enlightened.

Everyperson reads this and thinks “I can be enlightened!” Looking at the omnipresent depravity and “dissoluteness” of today’s non-christians I have to suspect whether that’s true.

Speaking of that, what are YOU even doing here? Who ISN’T a spiritual fed? I’m not even exaggerating. If you’re like that then you’re incapable of enlightenment. Grab your ankles for the state, prostitute. Who ISN’T a spiritual fed???!?!? It’s a wasteland of the submissive and the braindead. Total castrated slaves who hate anyone who reminds them of that. You are a Jew’s bitch. Hopefully you’re lucky and got the consolation prize of fun bags to squeeze on a dumb cunt’s chest. No lies have been spoken here. Scary, isn’t it? Feeling like a spiritual fed yet? If not, hello, I greet you as a human being who is capable of “enlightenment”. Everyone wants me to hang for telling the truth. What’s the rumor of this month about me to make you feel better about me being right about everything? Sad born slaves.

How must that feel, to relate to those dirty Bolsheviks who threw anyone smarter than them in a gulag? How must that feel? You tell me, nigger. I simply can’t relate to that. What must that be like? You must know all about it. Bitter subhumans gritting their teeth in envy. Lives so absent of value I could slit their throats and their gurgling would make me laugh. Do you yourself identify with a Bolshevik right now? Okay, that’s the evidence you need. I only write for people who are innocent of that identification.

Anyway, back to history. Think about it, did you happen to be Jewed in an academic “lodge”?

People seem to have this idea that the Revolution in Russia happened out of the blue in 1917. Ostretsov details how the people were being prepared for it already in the 1780s

Generally speaking, these ideas of upbringing in isolation from the family were perceived by our Russian aristocracy as the sacred testament of heaven itself. The most gullible skeptics found themselves in this environment.

You can read his untranslated, instantly-translated book here.

If you feel “accused” when I bring up the idea of spiritual feds, the fact you probably will find terrifying is that you’d be better off as a Christian. You are the secret police. You are a botched experiment in enlightenment. Better to be a Christian than to speak words of radical evil with a smile on your face.

Are you a “freemason”?

Jewish Kabbalah is part of the life of a Russian educator, a persecutor of religious “prejudices” and national “narrow-mindedness.”

Yes, hedonism and fusion with the turd world- THAT is enlightenment.

Do you think we’ll have a “1917” one day? The people have certainly been being prepared for one.

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