The revolutionaries designed their own calendar, we need to do something like that. The month of Vendémiaire began September 21st, the month of Nivôse began December 21st, etc. Each month had three weeks which consisted of ten days each. Sounds like a good idea for distancing ourselves from the old order.

They had a new festival too.

Does this sound so bad?

Any examination of Robespierre’s speeches and writings shows his constant use of the word ‘virtue’ when discussing morality. In his speech establishing the Cult of the Supreme Being he used it a total of fifteen times, many more times than the sum of his combined references to the Supreme Being, the Divinity, the Creator, Nature or God.

He consciously meant the word in the ancient sense.

Don’t you like the sound of this?

the disestablishment of the state church in August 1789

Robespierre is usually known only as the butcher of the Terror. He had more constructive goals in mind too.

I’ve discussed Rousseau a few times now. That was one of Robespierre’s idols. Modernity leading to a bunch of fake people and conformists. What else do those people deserve besides butchery? The bourgeois emptiness of high society – you probably want to be part of that yourself.

We’re moving from talking about the play Brutus to the living incarnation of Brutus. Robespierre tried to implement a new morality after throne and altar were swept away in the chaos. One way of going about that was through his festival in celebration of the Supreme Being. And as you saw above that amounted to the celebration of virtue as a sort of holiday. A man covered in blood doing this, isn’t there something amusing about that? Whether the nobility he slaughtered was truly corrupt or not isn’t what’s important here. We can learn from the form rather than the content.

This was less than a year before he was executed

He must have now felt himself strong enough to openly oppose the rising tendency towards atheism

He sought a new form of public morality that could replace the old faith. He believed he was speaking in the name of the people.

Robespierre explicitly said that terror was a quality of virtue. How refreshing. Where else do you see people saying that?

The terror got him too in the end.

Think of the Great Chain of Being again. Atheists in that time were attacking priests because Catholicism and the Ancien Régime were bound together. Robespierre was trying to find a balance.

This is a couple months before they killed him

It’s inspiring he tried to do that. I’ll take Rousseau over this bullshit we have to believe today.

Anarchy defeats the purpose of bringing about a Republic of Virtue

he saw de-Christianisation as a major threat to the Revolution

We’re all expected to behave like baboons in our “order” – you call that a Republic of Virtue? You know the word I have for you. A dead stare with a deal soul behind it. Yes, the Revolution was worthwhile wasn’t it. “You don’t know me!” Oh, I do.

Anyway, both Voltaire and Rousseau died the same year, 11 years before the Revolution began. Why do you think they disappear people on the internet and ban books from amazon? It’s because they know it’s possible to write things that could lead to a Reign of Terror. Why else would they ban them?? So good job all the people who have surrounded me in an elaborate psyop for years. I want my lake of blood, with your personal subhuman contribution lapping its shores. “Phew, we protected the tyrant.” Look how pathetic you are.

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