There is a tragedy to that, realizing you’re only speaking to sell-outs.

I can only hope I’ve shown how it is to the hybrid types.

The fact that there aren’t any pure types is very bothersome. Also it’s not something that should surprise the hybrids. The only true superhuman in female form is a nun and they’re all beholden to de Beauvoir. You can’t understand anything beyond your lowly lot if you’re a hybrid. The nun separates from the world itself, that is nothing to her. That doesn’t exist. This is my idea of a “female hero”. She just can’t do it. It’s always some kind of sell-out. And so it goes.

I’m only here because I appreciate the idea of society in its ideal form. Women are incapable of cognition, that’s a given, so what about you? You’re probably bound to society yourself so you have the fun-bags to jiggle around. My addition to the discourse is that you are a very boring friend. You get to squeeze tits and now everything you say has to be vapid. I believe in a woman who seeks the next phase of humanity. If it’s within the prog paradigm then obviously you’re some loincloth thing that doesn’t have real consciousness. It’s impossible to prove you are conscious because you are not conscious. Why do you think there has been a conspiracy against people like me? We see that you’re not a real person. Does that make you sad, poor daughter? I treat you kindly, this is for your best. Remember to go into hysteric mode when you hear this, that’s my idea of talking to a “real friend”. I’m being sarcastic. I just wish someone understood me.

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