De-Stalinization could be of use for us. A documentary

An allegorical art film

These were released in 1989 and 1987.

It wasn’t just a top-down enforcement that caused it to take so many years after his death for these kinds of materials to be released. The people themselves didn’t want to face the guilt of supporting the gulags and executions themselves. People think of “Stalinism” and imagine Stalin alone, when the reality is a decent portion of the civilian population cheered him on. They were coping with generational guilt.

There were others that didn’t feel responsible and sought to hold the guilty responsible

Satirical works that treat Stalin often emphasize his foreignness, his non-Russian characteristics. We can infer that Stalinism was not a genuinely Russian phenomenon but rather a tragedy visited on Russian culture from outside.

Satirists examined the question of the degree to which the people themselves were Stalin.

I’ll go ahead and note that many Americans seem to be pretty Jewish.

Most of these were written after his death, obviously

satirical works in which Stalin is portrayed as insane or psychologically unbalanced

Psychologically unbalanced- that’s for damn sure about ours.

I’m just going to edit some of these books and swap out “Stalin” for Steinberg or something like that and publish them.

Stalin is also depicted as animals, beasts, monsters, and the devil.

This is you pathetic shills


considered his Georgian ethnicity to be a significant handicap and probably regarded it as a mark of his own second-class status, for which he had to compensate.

Nothing quite like observing a Jew writhe in hatred during the Christmas season. They want ALL of culture to adjust to the needs of 2% of the population. And for the most part, it has.

Interestingly, Stalin’s ancestry is from the location of old Khazaria.

He preferred to be referred to by the title of “Genius Stalin”. Einstein has that psychological effect on us. That’s that physicist’s “use-value” in our culture. It serves to justify the genius of their race in general. The reality for Stalin though was that he was a lot less educated than people like Lenin and Trotsky. He wanted to give people the impression he was a genius, kind of like our merchants.

Look at this other coincidence

He was able to create and maintain an image of himself that was “group-centered,” selflessly devoted to the collective rather than the self.

No, it’s all about YOU, Jew.

For the rest, how does it feel to be “Stalin’s Bodyguard”?

It’s all for second-class citizens to be recognized as something that they’re not. Second-class citizens WILL “take a bullet” for the sake of that illusion-enforcement continuing to prevail.

Where are ours??

Nabokov, Solzhenitsyn, Zinoviev, and Maksimov create fictional portraits of Stalin that reveal varying degrees of mental pathology.

Much of the satire revolves around portraying Stalin as an illness that befell an otherwise healthy nation. If you don’t see that about our tyrant it’s because you’re part of the sickness. A second-class person who wants to be in control can only be confused as to “what’s for the best”. You’re enshrining mediocrity as the highest ideal. “We know what we’re doing.” Yeah right. This is the self-deception all the mediocrities live with.

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