YOU’RE my fantasy. You never say my name, so why should I say yours?

Jokes aside though, in my study of the genres I’ve noticed that as objective as scholars try to be about their given subject they often have the “vibe” of the genre they’re specialists of. The different types of storytelling change your subjectivity. Seriously, these fantasy scholars sound like pagans from the world of magic or something. I don’t know what kind of vibe I have, my favorite writers are monsters, so. They’re secret monsters though, otherwise they wouldn’t have survived through the centuries. The perception of humanity with the least illusions is what I’m drawn to. Still, I’m like anyone else- LOTR is one of my favorites. I just read that Tolkien “shaped” modern fantasy. Is that wrong? I’m not a hipster- just because something is super popular doesn’t mean it’s bad. Probably only in the 22nd century will we really know who the greatest writers of the 20th were, it’s still too soon. We’re too close to certain writers. Anyway, I think of it primordially- you’re sitting around a fire and listening to a bard tell a story. What genre of story do you want to hear? What’s your favorite kind of storyteller? The answer to that question seems to have its divides between genders and castes. “Tell me the story about why Kant didn’t write a Critique of Pure Politics” for instance only a select few will be “entertained” by. The study of genres itself is a kind of “story”. At least it can be, if you find yourself with a dramatist type. While I know people don’t like to hear it, if one tried to, one could develop a “gradations of genres” schema. If you’re sitting around the fire with dumb and dumber they’re going to want to hear a different kind of story, and majority rules. At the same time there IS an equality to the different modes of narrative, because they all express a distinct fragment of the self, and that fragment can be mused on in infinite directions.

I love the Anglos

They’re in contention to be the master race. I only give them such a difficult time because they smother the Germans using might rather than mind. “Might is a form of mind!” Keep telling yourself that, cheater. Very utilitarian of you. Other planets are beyond this phase ours is in. Kill people you disagree with even if they’re smarter than you. I see what’s going on. Then we have my pet favorite whipping boy the Jews who simply use their materialist spirit to fund propaganda to convince everyone they’re the master race. You might hate to hear it that Tolkien was actually a German. Makes you wonder about his “fantastical” division of the races. Whether it’s through might or money, it isn’t mind that’s ruling the world. No, I’m part Anglo myself and I am clearly aware that most critiques of the people from that island are borne out of envy, and I actively try to avoid that. English, French, German, Jews, you have to decide between these, that is the struggle of modern times, and ONE of the four is mysteriously buried. I believe in the spirit of the English scientist so I concern myself with the buried one most of all. Something not objective there. It reminds me of the old illusions I thought we all left behind. “What about the Russians?” True, they’re buried too, just not as much as the Germans, and the Russians never had a Kant ETC. ETC. It’s a very glaring burial from my perspective. The French nobility got the axe, then the European nobility got the axe with the Germans. It looks like you were right you goblins and orcs, just gather together enough money and might and you can silence people who are smarter than you. You niggers. What’s wrong, you have to keep it a secret that I exist too? That’s what a nigger would do. So you’re proving what you are. Look at this political order you’re creating. That’s proof enough of what you are. The second-class citizens of Europe. All you know how to do is throw money and guns on a pile not much different from some ghetto negro, and use those to convince the ignorant horde of any illusion you want. I have such admiration for you, you’re a shining example of what it means to be human. You could change your ways any day, and I know that’s a “fantasy”.

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