Reality is made of different kinds of stuff. The most sophisticated stuff is people. “What about the Sun, the Sun is pretty sophisticated.” I can’t remember the Sun ever writing a sonnet. The Sun doesn’t seem too “bright” in that regard. People are the most sophisticated things in the known universe. It isn’t easy to understand them. Some people take entheogens to recreate the experience of observing them for the first time again. I don’t have any of those at the moment so I’m content with studying early anthropology.

Someone you’ve never heard of

ARE we different species? It seems that, in important respects, we are.

Who are these people? You never hear about these people

The world’s leading practitioner of anthropology in the second half of the nineteenth century, Paul Broca, credited Edwards for having first stated the scientific objective of his newly institutionalized discipline.

“We never heard of them because we like to forget about the initial experience of human beings before all the ideological filters were put in place.” Really? I like to try to understand the most sophisticated stuff in the universe, which we know as “people”.

Scientists today would never touch this

culture” haha, they italicized it for emphasis. “Nowadays,” – that’s humorous.

So what about these brain discoveries?

It’s the most sophisticated thing in the universe after all, so it seems important. Or at least some brains are the most sophisticated things in the universe?

This would explain a lot

Physical anthropology applied not only to human races but also to differences between the sexes and political ‘classes’.

He used quotation marks around a word, did you notice that? I wonder why this kind of science would be hated in the Age of the Plebs?

An honest study on women’s brain functions I can’t imagine being carried out nowadays.

Voila, every finding is feminist! Would you look at that.

You’re still cute, don’t worry

Give you brain surgery? I’d never have a thought like that.

I’ll be candid- they were given the same education as men and they’re still so… modest.

At least they’re pretty! Right?

It’s not possible that there are certain parts of the brain that are “different” depending on whose brain you examine, right?

Right? Right. That’s a relief.

I’m just joking with you. That part of the brain is known as Broca’s Area and it has to do with language processing. Nothing to do with women, non-whites, or proles. All Broca’s Areas are the same, I am certain of it. Yknawmean?

Broca studied brain injuries, that’s how he made his discovery. Is it possible to injure one’s language processing center? What do you mean “There’s something ominous about these questions”?

Are you following my reasoning pretty easily? This isn’t brain science.

IF you wanted to learn brain science, though, I doubt it would be easy to locate on google.

Scientists in the early days of anthropology weren’t as confused as we are today. It was obvious to them that the most sophisticated thing in the universe is the human mind, and that minds must be different given the vibrant diversity of human behavior.

I’d like to do some honest examination of the Jewish brain, personally.

Innocent reader of mine, which of these institutes would you trust the most, if you went on instinct alone?

I wonder if any are missing between 1909 and 1945, I mean 1947?

You know that scandal where after the war the US recruited all those rocket scientists from Germany?

The first freestanding neuroscience department wasn’t founded until the 1960s, in California. Not too sure if I trust those people, call me a traitor to my nation.

How lucky we are that one of our Brothers of Moses published this last year

Brain Science under the Swastika is the only comprehensive and scholarly published work regarding the ethical and professional abuses of neuroscientists during the Nazi era.

How about a book on discoveries? The kike center of the brain, I’m sure that doesn’t exist. That must just be a random behavior with no neurological correlate.

An article from elsewhere- how irrational a time we live in if this question even needs to be asked

I want both ducks to be… [euphemism].

I want all races to be… [euphemism].

P. S. you ever get around to watching one (1) minute of basketball yet, dear, doey-eyed prog?

Pretty interesting subject if you ask me

You ever heard of Julius Hallervorden? He oversaw the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research (KWI).

Probably should just trust what you see first on google though

Although the male brain is 10 percent larger than the female brain, it does not impact intelligence. 

It’s actually 11%.

Am I going to get a kiss for pointing this out?

Let’s just say we think differently for now

Don’t think about it too much. If you’re lucky you CAN’T think about it too much

Try not acquire an eye for angles (unless you appreciate some added horror in your life)

I spit on a muggle woman

Should this yid have began this book this way?

Who are YOU to judge them?!?!?

Which of these two looks “sickly” if you had to say?

I wonder if one of them would want to make everyone sickly like them.


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