This is exciting

The most sophisticated thing in the universe, who cares?

That 2020 study on the “ethical abuses” involved runs close to 800 pages, so it might tip us off somewhere about buried discoveries.

I type in the chief neuroscientist, Hallervorden, on z-library, find nothing, type it in on and

This translated from the German of course.

This is from the description

This title was published before 1945 and is therefore not advertised by the publisher due to its political-ideological orientation typical of the time.

Doktor Hallervorden sounds like a voice of reason

Look here now, boys. If you are going to kill all those people, at least take the brains out so that the material can be utilized.

Here’s a prominent colleague of Hallervorden – gotta love to jump in his publications here

I bet they simply burned any studies on the brains of you-know-who.

Similar to that Hamsun study from yesterday, these types of scholars are useful because they sort through lots and lots of old boring documents for us, and show us the most REPUGNANT ones, and we should make sure to acknowledge how REPREHENSIBLE they are also

Professionals have no idea about this

they are not widely and easily accessible to all neuroscientists or medical historians, let alone the general public.

The only thing anyone knows about is some 8-bit horror film version of experiments involving sewing twins together or something which probably didn’t even happen.

What is subhumanity was mapped out?

We need to know about this for CRISPR.


And that’s nothing obviously. What is it in the brain that makes people so pathetic? What genes correlate with that? How can we help the people of the world not be spiritually defective?

Sidenote- I heard that COVID vaccine alters the DNA? Who knows what DERPA has been using CRISPR for.

This pertains to a liver disease

Get the vax and all of a sudden you harbor no more evil anti-prog thoughts. I wouldn’t be shocked if they did this.

Anyway, many of them were not tried at Nuremberg and continued their work after the war

I and others have discovered over 60 German, Austrian, and Scandinavian brain scientists

This scholar claims Germany and Austria were at the forefront of brain science before they “abandoned their humanity”. Cold blue eyes, what do you see in those? I see the future of human evolution.

“You need a warmth gene!” Bake me a pie and maybe I will have one for a few minutes.

Who is surprised about this?

One German colleague was told it was “career suicide” by a journal editor to publish anything on Nazi medicine, even in the 2000s.

Infer what I’m getting at here? REAL science was possibly being done. I.e. the kind that was not subordinate to the theological-political horizon we all know and love. “Science is free from that!” Keep coping.

One simply cannot study the brain through an equalist lens. “They’re just different.” No, certain people are closer to animals. I want to know why that is, and be able to point to it on a scan.

Why are so many women proud objects? There’s obviously something going on in their brain that differs from, say, the brain of a male with mystical or mathematical inclinations.

I usually try to recover “atlantis” in terms of philosophy and history, I hadn’t thought of the science version til now.

Ugh, just give me the science, man

See, you just cannot expect to see anything like this today

put him in an unparalleled position to research neuropathology on “imbeciles and idiots.”

Studies on the biological foundations of hereditary feeblemindedness. You can be sure DERPA hasn’t broached this subject whatsoever, and probably won’t for years, decades…

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