This would be crazy!

It’s difficult to accept, seeing so many of my fellows identify as slaves. Sometimes I see a glimmer of hope now and then otherwise I would have left the internet a while ago. It’s pretty dismal that the civil war in the sense above seems to be continuing into the present through mostly nonviolent means. It’s the niggerbloods of the whites in alliance with the kikes and hut-gorillas against the rest. It’s a great time to be alive.

Look at where they think Benjamin Franklin is from

Alexander Hamilton

Ctrl+f “washington” in this pdf and follow Heisman’s detective work. There’s evidence Washington himself was a Norman also.

so keen to stress the English roots of American liberty, neglected to point out that Magna Carta was a product of Norman aristocratic civilization. It was the Normans who first invented the formal tradition of constitutional liberty

sigh Why do we let white negros breed like rabbits

In 1865 once the smoke cleared, approximately 360,000 from the North were dead and 260,000 from the South.

Why do you think I relate to Talmudists… Why do you think the very reason I relate to them is the very reason why I don’t want to be their slave?

When I look at the average mental state of today I am shocked that we as beings ever ceased to be dirt. How did we rise from mere matter to conscious beings with that kind of attitude that they have? The majority that identified with black slaves engulfed the aristocrats. And the modern day equivalent of that continues. How are you not matter? How did you ever develop consciousness? This must be an extremely novel attitude in the history of life on earth.

Look who turns up in this book of all people

The Southern elites had a code of chivalry.

Here is Emerson himself on the matter

the North and South are two nations. It is not slavery that separates them

The South saw Lincoln’s election as an occupation by a foreign government

the possession of the Government by a hostile, sectional party” had placed southern “destinies under the control of another and distinct people.”

This is how they saw themselves? They keep this so well-hidden!

distinctively aristocratic qualities of gallantry and refinement that they believed had been vouchsafed them by their Norman racial inheritance.

So the vikings sailed to France, from there they sailed to England, and from there they sailed to the US? Should’ve bred like rabbits you fools. 100,000 more Northerners than Southerners were killed during the Civil War. They don’t tell you about how out-numbered the South was.

Since I’d only seen this theory in that one (“self-published”) Heisman book I thought it was something of a conspiracy! This 2008 study I’m drawing from now is only confirming what Hamsun claimed after visiting America a couple decades after the war. They’re ashamed of him in Norway because he approved when his country was under Nazi occupation. He lived into his 90s- he got a taste of two “guillotines” of the aristocracy. Get me out of this timeline… Niggers everywhere. They don’t have souls.

This is a belief that they had

following the creation of the Confederacy, the southern people would produce a culture rivaling and perhaps surpassing the great Mediterranean cultures of Europe.

The dream to go beyond the Greeks and Romans died in the Civil War.

It’s dizzying to see how baked into the cake it all is. Your great-grandparents were miseducated, how do YOU expect to be able to see things clearly? This goes back a while. The South probably would’ve aligned with the Axis Powers.

This is going back even farther than the Civil War to just after the end of the Revolutionary War

a superior southern race had consented to enter into an unnatural union with inferior Puritan fanatics.

This is an extremely controversial study. Given how all-pervasive the slave-attitude is now it might as well be harmless though.

So… the Confederacy was vikings?

What was it about the Eddas that led to that attitude?

This has just kicked into overdrive since then

for the instruments of tyranny to be placed in the hands of lowborn Puritan fanatics was for aristocratic southerners a horror beyond description.

The n-bomb is very really, I’m sorry to tell you, and it doesn’t only apply to POC.

This is all so poisonous. It will never fly 150 years after the triumph of the rabble vermin.

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