The implications of this

In his groundbreaking study of the antebellum South’s cult of medievalism, Osterweis also argues convincingly that no writer was more fully or more enthusiastically incorporated into antebellum southern romanticism than Sir Walter Scott.

Osterweis also wrote a study on the south’s “evil genius”, their Jewish Secretary of War they don’t want you to know about, Judah Benjamin.

Some have suggested that the south of 1860 could be nicknamed Sir Walter Scottland. They’re just adventure novels. Problem?

None other than the 19th century southerner Mark Twain confirms this about Scott.

I’ve probably hurt many people so much they don’t care. I’m only consistent in my logic. I want exclusively diamonds for friends. You’re a ruby? Maybe I’ll begrudgingly accept you. And I’ll shatter every sapphire, chomp every matzo ball that approaches me. To quote Elvis, “Yeah, they said you was high-classed, well that was just a lie. Well you ain’t never caught a rabbit and you ain’t no friend of mine.”

All this is the telos of the “republican party”, that’s why the left hates it so much, no matter what optics they use, because they can detect that it’s a relic of the old south. They want a one party state. And they pretty much have it, given the immense concessions that conservatives have offered them, especially in the last decade or so. No thanks, things went wrong when Alexander the Great died, let’s start from there. The south was arguably an avatar of Aristotelianism, albeit a crude one.

Even anons of the right tend to be too attached to the world to accept any of these implications. They’re indistinguishable from the GOP in that regard. They’re pretty much content accept a bowl of gruel existence because they know that to play god would result in their destruction. I’m not eating that gruel. They have all sorts of pleasant surprises in store for you if you refuse. Your cuisine will consist of something far worse than gruel. I don’t care, it’s the principle of not accepting the first bowl of gruel that I care about. They will resort to any means, no matter how absent of dignity, in order to preserve the state secret pertaining to monkey brains. Nice, your monkey brain is showing.

My dear matzo ball, I try to put you into dialogue with writers who represent a break from the gruel. Most of those who could appreciate such fine dining were already bred out of the existing DNA-bots. “If I read too much of that stuff then I’ll lose my gruel!” Pretty much. Due to the “absolute control” the political order has, what we need most in the modern world is people who live a double-life and are able to play the part in regular civilian life while dabbling in the scholarly and artistic on the side. Even if these types of materials I detail fundamentally change you (which they will if you have the attention-span for them) that doesn’t mean your exterior needs to change as well. We need an underground of PDF creators who don’t care to sign their works with their own name. If you’re not working on something like that then you’re no different from one of the submissive members of the GOP.

“How will anyone find it?” Put it on google with the right keywords. You have to not write for 2021 people. If the PDF is put into a collection of similar samizdat a decade from now then you can be happy. Puh, do you think there’s even one study of Walter Scott out there worth reading? And that can be said about 50 different great writers. We need anons to put in Concern and wring these old books for what they have to say about our present time. I know it’s difficult for most to accept- the idea of essentially putting in the effort involved with doing a PhD for no reason at all besides wanting others to have real knowledge about a subject.

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