The current subhuman-prog uses bots to persuade itself it isn’t some type of nigger. The truth is that you’re just a vague Marxist who wants to feel better about not having any self awareness at all. When you support the state you’re not demonstrating you know what is happening in the world. You only show that you are some kind of slave. It’s amazing, you have “AI” that magically makes you feel better about being a sell-out with no dignity. It’s a miracle. How do you explain it? The main explanation is that you’re a nigger who looks for any excuse to be perceived as “equal”. You aren’t equal, nigger. You are not a person. You don’t deserve a vote. That is 99% of people so you aren’t alone. Are you part of the technocracy that seeks to give non-people like you the illusion that you have a valid perspective about society? I doubt you could say anything to my face, I challenge you to try it though. You have to rely on control of media and bots in order to feel like a “real person”. You aren’t that. You’re a nigger. All the things you do in life are trying to hide the fact that you aren’t a human being, that’s what leftism is. Look at this nigger, you’re so cute. “We use our majority to keep you out, and robots and other maoists to make sure people know that ape brains aren’t a concept that should be discussed.” Okay nigger brain. Who else uses silence and bots to make sure the fact they’re less than human isn’t made known to the public? You’re a nigger with no dignity. You use bots and silencing you niggers. Do you understand who you are now? I only try to help you realize your self-identity. Niggers and the bots they create know what’s best for the political order. Why not go back to huts? AHAHAHA it’s a nigger reading this.

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