Time to write about things that will make me some money so I can buy a girlfriend. Haha yeah right, I’m not that desperate (yet).

A name you probably never have heard, J. D. B. De Bow. He was a prominent advocate of secession. This is who he saw as his enemy

a slave race, the descendants of Saxon serfs.

Forget about Washington crossing the Delaware. The real revolution in American history was the Civil War. That’s clear when you look at all the standard beliefs of today. Everyone is a pious “Northerner”.

I’m writing this from New England in fact, and have Northerner ancestry. That doesn’t stop me from being part of the demolition crew. I must have lucked out in the genetic lottery somehow.

It’s all starting to make sense- the UNITED States was founded by Saxon serfs, and it is now ruled by Jewish masters who refused to convert to their pathetic ethos.

Note that when I sympathize with the Southern perspective I am not implying I am personally an advocate of slavery. Africans I believe are indeed a servant-caste, I just think slavery is pushing it too far. Anyway, as Emerson and others show us, it’s a myth that North vs. South was about slavery.

At least here in the north we have a well-engrained stereotype that the south is full of rednecks that bang their cousins.

Whether that’s true or not, I’m trying now to learn what the old south was like

Here is a southern perspective on the north from 1862

Never capable, in their best days, of self-government, it is frightful to think of the doom awaiting [them] at the end of this war.

They perceived Lincoln as the first “pleb president”.

Did the Normans rule the serfs for the 75 years or so after the country was originally founded? This isn’t a way of looking at it you’re going to hear from a history teacher.

Is this not super weird to you?

Remember this goes back to the year 1066 with the Norman Conquest of England. People bred within their caste for 800 years.

Today we only know of the basketball team of this name

We, too, of the South, and especially we of Virginia, are descendants, for the most part, of the old cavaliers — the enemies and persecutors of those old puritans

Who had the nobler beliefs?

The Cavaliers were royalists who supported this king

The English Civil War (1642–1651) resulted in the execution of Charles I and the exile of Charles II.

Voltaire wrote his play Brutus in England and said it was an English play. Can’t blame the French for everything!

The Puritans and the Cavaliers had their own reasons for wanting to leave England.

Lincoln wasn’t perceived as Charles-like enough for the Cavaliers. The Puritans’ hatred of Charles has a telos that leads to Biden. Oops.

The problems of today don’t only go back to the American Civil War, they go back to the English Civil War.

Here is how the northerners were perceived

The enduring features of the subdued Saxon race — which because of medieval sociopolitical reality did not tend to intermarry with their Norman overseers — were a resentment of just authority, a tendency toward fanaticism and a reflexive valorization of liberty for its own sake.

Checks out!

Which one are you, dear reader, a cavalier or a roundhead (as the puritans were called)? There’s certainly a roundhead hegemony in the contemporary US.

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