This would be crazy if this were true, I’m going to have to know more about this guy

This is the man who started the American Civil War!

No doubt you learned in grade school that it started at Fort Sumter and that slavery and states’ rights had something to do with it. But no. The Civil War sprang with fully loaded double-barrels from the pages of Ivanhoe. No doubt about it. We have it on the best authority: Harper’s in the decades right after the war.

I used to wonder: is there anything redeeming to be said about Walter Scott? 

Can’t say that about many novels, that it caused a conflict which led to our present political norms.

I think the genre is important to emphasize- historical fiction. I regard this medium as a type of genealogy. It’s set in medieval England and it’s a chivalric romance.

Why are there so many dangerous things from the middle ages? I thought it was all dull and superstitious?

This is another one of those books you’ve probably seen in the library, the kind that doesn’t exactly jump out at you.

Interestingly, Scott had a medical condition that led him to needing to speak the novel aloud. Half of it was written down by scribes. Scott was a sort of old-style bard in this way.


What kind of storyteller beside a fire leads to this??

This is who everyone is today

Scott is his hidden antithesis.

The eminent French historian Hippolyte Taine in 1858 deemed him the modern Homer.

What would a roundhead like you care about that?

This is something else that attracted the south to his novels

Scott had depicted gallant little Scotland striving to express her cultural identity against the political and military pressure of the English

Might makes right though, huh?

You don’t see political art like this nowadays

Back in Scotland, ‘The Wizard of the North’ had, through his novels and poems… ‘reconstructed’ the once feared Jacobites

Isn’t it interesting that it’s normal for us to look at the French Revolution and see the elimination of the nobility, and when we look at the Civil War we only see the elimination of rednecks? The south WAS the nobility of the US. Good luck facing that fact directly, without averting your eyes. The north was seen by the south as the “hicks” of the US.

Ahhh this vendetta is still alive today!

How much can these explain our present political norms…

I obviously identify as a Norman, you caught me. Is my way of speaking unsavory to you? Do you find me odious? I want roundheads to build me a castle, I deserve one. I’m not even joking. How disgusting nigger-serfs are to me. Everything they do and say.

Hmm.. for future study

The south wasn’t a unified nation

Normans and Scotch-Irish even cast ethnic slurs at one another in the form of stereotypes

These two simply saw more eye to eye with each other than they did with the north.

Heisman suggests Percy’s Lanterns on the Levee for an aristocratic-Norman view of the south and Cash’s The Mind of the South for the Scotch-Irish perspective, if you’re interested in learning about America before its fall into doom.

I always think I figured out everything about genealogy and then I find this kind of stuff. The repeated triumph of serfs, from the 1860s to the 2020s.

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