Writers from the south you’ve probably read or heard of like Faulkner

questioned the chivalric past that Will Percy celebrated, and reflected a modernistic psychological realism about the region they all loved. Even though Percy, too, lamented the South’s vulgarity, intolerance, and materialism, these writers’ visions were not his.

Percy was born in Mississippi a couple decades after the Civil War. Doesn’t the name of that state alone have a negative connotation to you, or is it just me? Mississippi. Say it with a southern twang. I think of dirty bare feet and chewin on a sprig of wheat. Am I a bigot? It probably wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that political correctness is a reaction against the perceived backwardness of the south. “Get more like the north!” is the demand put on the country. I want to see what the south used to be about. What it’s probably still about in some places if I had to guess.

I’d go as far as to say that the north is racist about the whites of the south. I even feel it within myself. Just hearing the word “Alabama” brings the immediate connotation of a subhuman cracker to mind. I think with southerners in many cases we are witnessing the degeneration of a defeated people. There are signs of that among Germans too.

Percy was a student of a theologian named DuBose

He was a tiny silver saint who lived elsewhere, being more conversant with the tongues of angels than of men.

I need someone like that in my life. We all do, no?

Note this isn’t about another southern writer, Walker Percy. Walker refers to Will as his “fabled relative”.

My kinda nigga

Will’s lifelong sense that what remained of the Old South’s aristocratic planter culture required vigilant defense, lest it too be swept away.” But, fatalistically, Will Percy recognized that the Southland he knew and loved in youth had already disappeared. “The Bottom Rail on Top,” the title of one chapter, expresses his disdain for the ranks of lower-class whites whose rough customs and conduct had replaced the old elitist order. Percy considered them narrow-minded and brutish—a purely Anglo-Saxon mob with no genetic benefit from the more cultured and wiser Anglo-Norman breed.

He died in 1942.

The Normans didn’t constitute the majority of the old south, they just set the tone. Whereas in the north the Puritans set the tone. Now Hebrews set the tone, and it’s a tone closely in line with that of the Puritans. It’s a “Norman” hating tone. It’s because we put expectations on them. Our presence makes them feel like garbage because we naturally look down on them. They hate that we demand that they try harder. After centuries of breeding only with fellow puritans or fellow jews I doubt they’re even capable of trying harder.

Gradations of culturedness exist. The northerners were the real hillbillies of the US. Most of us were born more than a century after they began to set the tone, so it isn’t so easy to notice.

The Civil War resulted in a reshuffling of caste. The Norman shifted into the new negro and the Puritan shifted into the new slavemaster. The secular roundheads of today continue to uphold that legacy, continue to “reshuffle” castes, just never their own, and never the anointed jews’.

People talk about the English enslaving the Irish. What about the Normans enslaving English? No one talks about that. Thank you for my castles, boy. I’m so glad we finally had to pay for those. Grr…

I’ve been trying to help you see the world without a Saxon bias

As usual, the conventional view of the Norman/Saxon conflict reflects the more individualistic tendencies of the Saxon North. This has very much helped to obscure the nature of the conflict.

Sometimes I feel like the only survivor of this ethos

The enlightened ethnic cleansing of the Norman identity of the South’s master class

Heisman says the Normans have been ethnically cleansed from the history books. Yeah, that’s why this study of his is so controversial. One of the only real Nietzschean studies out there.

They really hated those Puritans

it was their belief in the “positive rights of a superior race”, Stedman wrote, that was the single greatest factor in making civil war inevitable.

The stereotype many have of the south tends to be derived from the Scotch-Irish people. They were the majority, and the Normans ruled over them. Probably kept them in line. Let me know if anyone out there needs a master. By the way, now I’m wondering if the “English” who enslaved the Irish were Norman-English…

Did you ever expect this about the beginning of America before the Pleb Revolution?

The gentlemanly cultivation of polite manners and refined social graces were not imported into France by Norman Vikings; Norman Vikings acquired these characteristics from the French.

You’re always going to have a caste-system. Give up that illusion that there isn’t one. The question is who are the real negros, because they should form the base of the pyramid, while the aristos should form the pinnacle.

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