Sorry to keep bringing this up, it just explains so much, and no one knows about it

blacks had reoccupied the degraded caste-status that Anglo-Saxons had partially occupied in England

People only think about the buckle-hats, I swear. Or they see the early settlers as having had some sort of obsolete Christianity. They were SERFS. There was a difference between the Massachusetts and the Virginia settlements. The Virginians weren’t purely serfs historically.

The North is still very alive today

more of a form of Anti-Normanism than of pro-egalitarianism.

Progs try to hide this. They don’t fool ME. It’s hatred masked as love.

I wonder why they don’t want you to know about this

Neo-Normanism was the active, aggressive cultural force that… led to secession from the Union.

And remember how that sharpest of psychologists Jung characterized the Nazis- as being possessed by the spirit of Wotan.

There are elementals… “channels” that can be attuned to.

The northerners didn’t have a master-caste, it was just pure pleb. Lincoln was the beginning of plebs ruling plebs. You’re not going to have a utopia if you continue with that telos. The most glaring manifestation of its unfolding is obviously Kamel Toe Harris. This is all from the English Civil War! A woman who is the blackest of the black is next to rule the plebs. People who shouldn’t have power having power is their M. O. Can’t get a utopia with that method.

History is kind of cool isn’t it?


Too bad there weren’t more Jews like that Secretary of War from the 1860s Benjamin Judah. I think that Type has mostly been ethnically cleansed like the Normans. Whites hate whites, Jews hate Jews.

No one knows about this!

Women have a similar vendetta against men.

“Why do you keep losing wars, buddy?” Because the enemy of my type is nothing besides a breeding-machine. Breed like rabbits because that’s all they CAN do, they’re creatures of impulse.

People who don’t have a single thought in their head- I’m not equal to them

The issue of racial superiority, for Anglo-Saxons, was achieved by imposing the equality of Normans and blacks. That was the Anglo-Saxon racialist’s American dream.

This is what this country is founded on- a serf’s revenge. Build me a castle for free, boy. The country is based on a middling type’s hatred for their betters. Is that YOU?

(((Heisman))) is the same endangered species as that Secretary of War

In the minds of many Americans, George Fitzhugh was the South.

This is who he claims was the philosopher of Normanism.

And with that, I’m off

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