That philosopher of Normanism, George Fitzhugh, is similar to Boulainvilliers in that there is no way to talk about him to the modern world because you will only be despised. If you want to venture to the outer-reaches of the mental galaxy this is someone you might be interested in. He’s the writer who pissed Lincoln off more than anyone else. Lincoln, the exemplification of the roundhead. You’re not going to get me to talk about Fitzhugh, okay? Just accept it, it’s not happening. It’s not!

The first book in the English language with the word “sociology” in the title was written by Fitzhugh.

He believed his views were for the advantage of society overall. He considered himself a socialist. People aren’t going to be happy about what that entails. As with Boulainvilliers, I personally believe he has a certain point.

Who am I kidding, if you’re still reading this then you obviously have a temperament that isn’t allergic to these extremities even if you are only able to entertain them rather than fully accept them. He thought that not only blacks should be enslaved, certain whites should be too. For their own good. There, I said it. Like I noted earlier, I’m not a slavery enthusiast myself. Certain people are fit to be servants. I’m not going to treat them like an animal if they can speak human language. Are you ready to say farewell to this line of thought yet? I’m a colder person than most and I really am not opposed to this way of thinking at all. If you give a half-animal freedom they will only harm themselves. Fitzhugh saw the Normans as the best friends of the saxons and Blacks.

You know the fate of that (((Heisman))), right? He wrote his 2000 page study then went to Harvard square and shot himself. He knew people wouldn’t understand any of this. Like I said, one of the only real Nietzschean books I’ve ever read, neech being the culmination of the latest Renaissance in human history. Not many people can look at this sort of thing without flinching.

You probably thought I was joking earlier when I offered to be someone’s master. No, many people need something like that. You live in illusion, you’re half-animal. Just like Fitzhugh, my self-understanding is that I want the best for people. Many people need strictness in their life or they will fall away from “the Good Life”.

It’s just roundheads running rampant these days, and all they do is hate Normans who put them into question. There’s a good chance you have serf blood. I mean, I do too, I’ve just learned to go beyond myself. Those who cannot self-flagellate need a flagellator. And I have a beaming joy to contribute to society in that way. Do you ever feel like you’re on a plantation here? Feel happy with yourself that you have the sound instinct to admit you have a slave nature that needs to be whipped. I will do that for you, because I care. I’m a real person talking to you like this, believe or not. Most of us have to hide. Most of the slaves can’t accept that they could use a whipping. They do, they’re less than human. We’re at a point since the Civil War that any real humans have to be quiet otherwise the subhumans will whip them instead. I think some of you niggers are confused. Greetings from the reality website. You all want to prevent the public whipping that you deserve, hence I’m redacted. You want to give me an excuse as to why I’m wrong? Please just stop being a subhuman. Narrator’s voice- “Impossible.” Textual whippings can at least improve them somewhat in some cases.

“So what’s your point!”

My point is that the secret telos of America is to return to the type of being that had such an absence of mental life that good Christians didn’t see any problem with enslaving them like oxen. And 150 years after the conflict regarding the destiny of this country most people are already turned into bovines. Moo if you disagree, that’s all you can do, and that only proves my point. It’s time for a great whipping of the less than humans, otherwise all will be lost.

It was the Saxon’s nature to be a serf! And now that is universalized. Nah, I’m a Norman. The idea of identifying with a plantation slave is the saddest thing in the world in my mind. Poor nigger Saxon.

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