Not sure how many more posts I’ll be able to make. It’s very possible to be “banned IRL” rather than merely banned online. Just so sick of all the repression. If anyone in my neighborhood stops me to express that they’re offended I’m going to say “You don’t like early fireworks?” Everything is locked at such a symbolical level, there’s something maddening about that. It’s like Christmas presents. The fourth of July is supposed to be about freedom, not fireworks. The fireworks are hollow. Holidays are all empty.

So this is what my readers have been experiencing, me shouting illegal things out my window… Maybe the surrounding houses were happy to hear what I said. That one guy at least was not happy that a certain religion was being talked about in public if he called the cops on me. It’s all just so funny to me. It’s all a joke until you’re starving under a bridge. That concept itself is amusing to me. Choose your place to rot away I suppose. Online or in prison. That’s what happens if you rise beyond the symbolical. These yahoos are going to be setting their fireworks off as if they mean anything. Loud noises without any message besides “look, it’s a loud noise!” These are just pussies. What it means to “live in a society” is “be a pussy”. If you look closely you will see that everywhere. Pieces of filth are ruining the country and you’re expected to be quiet about it. So many people are citizen cops who enforce the silence. Total subhumans, their deaths wouldn’t matter whatsoever.

I just hope I’ve helped give you my curse of freedom. So much of reality is hidden and people live mechanically. What people take to be standard facts are really just arbitrary beliefs that were determined through a string of wars. You’re on the side of the ones who shot more people, congrats, you’re so brave. Are you sure you aren’t scared you yourself won’t be shot in one way or another for disagreeing?

Yesterday at the store I was struck by the appearance of this giant old man. He had such a gentle vibe, a gentle giant. Boomers are often that way. There’s something both sad and funny about seeing someone who would have been a murderous warrior in a different time seeming so peace-loving today. The only time anything war-like emerges is when the safe order of peacefulness is threatened, that’s when the fangs are exposed. People don’t care if society is gradually disintegrating, all they want is the appearance of peacefulness. I think we need an brick and mortar institution devoted to revealing the chaos hidden below the appearances. There’d probably be a lot more people than you’d expect who’d want to be part of that. It’s deceiving because they themselves are part of those “appearances”. I love not being a “civilized” person. Being so mechanical is a type of numb torture that I think people don’t tend to realize.

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