George Fitzhugh might as well be a cartoon character

We agree with Mr. Jefferson that all men have natural and inalienable rights…they have a natural and inalienable right to be slaves.

At least he’s honest about it. Pretty much any media corporation could say that and it would be the truest thing they ever said. Fitzhugh is the guy Lincoln hated the most, remember. He believed only 1 in 20 people were fit for liberty. He thought Saxon serfs were a favorite pet. This is giving me the giggles. It’s really blatant that Heisman agrees with Fitzhugh about all this too.

Don’t shoot the messenger, this is just simply true

If slavery, either white or black, be wrong in principle or practice…then is all human government wrong.

This is peak formalism.

You really start to understand the present day when you see what the country was founded on

A different sort of slave was freed after the Civil War. Probably mostly only Talmudists will understand this point. You think I’ve been exaggerating about all this? White people who are coons in do-rags?

The Civil War was an attempted implementation of aristocracy

As you can see by the endnote, 726, Heisman was an incredibly erudite person.

We’ve only had incremental serf revolts since the 1860s.

Heisman is hilarious

If the South had won, perhaps they could have eventually invited Friedrich Nietzsche to write them up a mock-constitution!

Biden and BLM are only the latest manifestations of the spirit of the Saxon north. I can’t wait for the wonders that will manifest in the future. Probably having little white girls watch BBC porn in place of childhood cartoons. The serfs are already halfway there as it is. What white niggers! Your lives are worthless. Take me back to the old south, please. Fitzhugh’s conviction about Jefferson seems accurate- that he sought to bring down rather than build up. The sad thing about the present day is that white men are far from the old Normans. Total weaklings are brought down now. The serfs can’t even handle weaklings. Their ideal is for everyone to be absolutely castrated. They’re pretty much already there and they’re still not happy. Damn you Saxons. I’m fighting such a doomed battle. Someone run away with me from all this. Yeah right, it’s already so clear no one is brave enough. No higher ideals exist, love doesn’t exist. It’s the grim reality. Everyone’s content to be part of the given serf revolt of the day. And honestly I just stopped caring. No one can prove they’re not a coon in a do-rag, simply because they CAN’T. 150 years of cleansing the aristocratic element from America and here we are. Be a happy serf with a serfwife- its all bullshit. It’s all so dismal it isn’t even fun to criticize anymore.

HA here is a poem from Lowell he recited a couple months after the Civil War

The beginning of America, ladies and gentlemen.

This is so real in 2021

America was made possible by the obsessive Puritan hatred of the great White Whale; the will to destroy the Norman race even if it was tied to the ruin of their own.

I wish someone would show me that a non-“Puritan” exists. I won’t hold my breath.

All the white coons in do-rags give each other this when they pretend they’re all not a bunch of pussies

They all live in the quiet agreement not to call each other out.

This revolution known as the Civil War had more of a significant impact on the west and the world than the French revolution and you never hear the exact details about it. You’d have to bring up the white nigger question, that’s why. Most people who are shown these details identify with the roundheads.

Who can face this squarely?

It was the self-realization of ethnic Anglo-Saxon humiliation and the continuation of the effects of the Conquest that is America.

A bitter hatred from the year 1066 is still here in 2021!

I need to get out of here, I’m sick of it all.

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