This is what Jefferson believed in

a pre-Conquest golden age of equality where land was “held of no superior”

Thinking too much about these things makes you unhinged. Or I don’t know about you, I feel unhinged though.

You know the very famous line “all men are created equal”? Jefferson the Saxon wrote that. Its original racial meaning is “Saxons and Normans are created equal”. You’d never know that with the standard education they give us. Unsurprisingly, a foundation created by a serf-people is not going to be very stable.

Through MIGHT, the northerners forged the equality between their superiors and inferiors. That’s the difficult to accept reality of the Civil War. Put differently, people in the middle of the Great Chain of Being equated the low and the high, negros and Normans. We need a foundation created by aristocrats, people at the top of the Great Chain of Being, for everyone’s sake. If it’s created by a middling caste then you can only expect middling results.

I again show you the poem from a couple months after the war

They knew what they were!

The north was offended by plantation slavery because the implication of blacks being unequal was that Saxons were unequal.

Between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War there was a caste-system in America and the Saxons weren’t at the top of it. They were between Normans and negros. The real beginning of the country is when they eliminated the top of the caste-system. And now that continues to repeat, and it WILL continue to repeat until there is no more top to eliminate. Note well that I don’t mean “top” in an arbitrary sense either- I mean that people who are “well-put-together” are eliminated. The M. O. of the left is to pretend it’s arbitrary. No, the top is the top for a reason, because they know what they’re doing, they’re wise and good people. Eliminating them is going to be destructive for everyone else. Because then you have people who are a middling caste at the top. What else do you expect? They’re going to direct everyone beneath them to be middling like themselves. This is a real thing- many people are biological beings that have never had a lofty thought in their life. This type of person should not be at the top of the caste-system. That’s the left’s objective, to put them there. It’s a dissipation of all loftiness.

If you’re an American or a country that’s been Americanized and you believe in equality then you are (probably unwittingly) identifying as a Saxon opposed to Normans. Think of morbidly obese people who tell you beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They are opposed to the Normans, the in-shape people. Even most women on the right identify as a Saxon. You know that I love to go back to the beginning, the origins. The equality question that is more or less globalized now arose from a conflict between white and white. One of those whites didn’t read the classics? That’s not a good sign. Especially considering those ones were the victors and determined the destiny of America and the world.

I’m not going to sit here LARPing as a Norman (though I might want to)- the Normans were an odd bunch with a certain similarity to the Jews. They were migrants. The difference between these two is the Normans weren’t ultra-conservatives, they adopted the high culture of France. Blonde beasts with gentlemanly manners. The English don’t talk about them very much, probably because it still brings them pain. If you want to understand our political order you need to understand English history. The Saxon type is the perfect subjectivity for manipulation and exploitation. And a certain ultra-conservative people will use them just for that. Just like that white woman, Rachel Dolezal, who changed her race, one is able to do a pretty good job of not being a Saxon. I identify as neither Saxon or Norman or Italian, I’m a spiritual German. I’m sure I don’t fool actual Germans, that’s just the ideal to me. Most are content with embracing the Saxon model of life. Even Latinos and blacks do this to a great degree. They’re the Jew’s puppets as well as a result. Now that you know the origins of “equality” you can reconsider whether you want to be an “American” in the Saxon sense. Feeling so bitter you identify with brainless plantation slaves… There’s no dignity in that.

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