Heisman’s is one of the best books out there in general in my opinion. Ashkenazi IQ redeemed

Saxons could win only by admitting their essential slave morality equality with slaves.

This is the only way the left can be consistent, and they doom themselves by pushing their logic to its ultimate conclusion.

The Saxons didn’t want to be second-class citizens, and inherent to the logic that follows from “equality” is to recognize “sixth-class citizens” as equals.

Equality really IS that important to the “Saxons” of today, they’re willing to make that sacrifice.

You’re such a real patriot aren’t you. Such an independent person.

Ahh this book is so good, just read it. When the uneducated mob took control of the country I’m from, I love to see it

The right of majority to rule was the right of Anglo-Saxon democracy to rule over Norman aristocracy.

This is the naughty way of interpreting Lincoln. They did not want the mob ruling them. They saw the mob as similar to the plantation slaves.

Look at that, you Saxons, you won! Are you happy with yourselves now? Sixth-class citizen baboon culture exported around the world. Tell me you’re happy you ganged up on those refined Normans you serfs. Serfs don’t have conscience, they have neither a developed moral OR rational faculty.

I bet you were sitting there thinking Anglo-Saxons were beyond reproach. I’m sure there are some that are coping right now. It’s easy to take criticism from the left, not so easy to hear it from the right. Warming up to my favorite Germans yet? Or are they Normans to you too? (Psst, this explains WWII also.)

Why do I bother talking to “Saxons”, I really wonder. Pretty much zero signs that there’s anyone who doesn’t want the “Norman” voice buried. All of them identify as a nigger HAHAHAHA! That’s the world you want I guess.

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