Schelling’s lectures on mythology mostly focus on the Greeks. He had some Danish students who wrote about the gods and sagas of the north.

See why this generally interests me?

Each nation now wanted to find its own heroes and to reinvent its own mythical past.

This was after Macpherson reinvented Celtic mythology. This is a futurist subject presupposing the eventual disappearance of the gas chamber mythology. What should we have in its place?

Here’s one prominent Dane in this field

We have our own version of this today. It’s all so timeless. Do you see me as a defacing destructive type of person by chance?

The Elder Edda was translated into Danish only in 1821. This way of looking at life was lost until quite recently, and it was lost again after you-know-what happened. This might be the most banned religion on the planet.

Did they know something about evil that we don’t know?

In the 19th century, Loki was interpreted as the personification of evil

This is the trick

More often than not, the works of contemporary writers such as Oehlenschläger were preferred to the original Norse sources.


Aren’t some of my writings better than Nietzsche’s? “Hell no!!” Whatever you want to tell yourself about old grandpa mustache over there.

Anyway, all I’m saying is it isn’t a coincidence that was Germany’s “Voltaire” and that those were his sources. I mentioned a while back I was looking for the perfect study on this subject. And I still haven’t found it. They don’t make it easy to breathe life into the embers of this way of looking at the world.

Here’s another name besides ŒHLENSCHLÆGER

There were lots of “Pan-Germanics” around Europe in the early 20th century. Many Swiss, Dutch, even French, for instance would find in these documents from Iceland writings interpreted to be ancestral.

It’s like part of the spirit of Europe flew away to Iceland and returned to the continent.

First thing I find googling Heusler – yeah dude I want to read about Deleuze

They Jew everything from Atlantis.

How Heusler perceived what he called the Old Germanic

a type of narrative unaffected both by classical and Christian learning

Seen this theme a few times, still haven’t found one of his actual books

This is like the Priest of Wotan?

I’m not a prot, I appreciate priests helping me understand sacred texts.

Most people are probably content with Tolkien as their sole priest for adapting this old time religion.

I’m not cool with this desert religion, I like to look for something that actually appeals to my true self.

Part of Heusler’s interpretation of these myths, sounds right

as the classical age of Germanic culture which declines disastrously into the repressive Church and State of Christian Europe.

Sick of trying to escape this thing for years while almost everyone else does nothing, or less than nothing, often even deliberately reinforcing its total control.

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