When I do too much genealogy I eventually get the urge to talk about what genealogy is itself, and looking for it on z-library I see this, and it’s too much of a temptation to resist

There is a dynamic relationship between feminist thought and the history of philosophy.

This Norwegian maiden claims feminist history is often forgotten and most proceed as if the movement began in the 1970s.

Women never say the word. That doesn’t matter. That’s what they ARE- feminists. Pretty much 99% of them if I had to estimate. Probably Amish women are feminists at this rate.

Ahh there it is, the one usually seen as the early founder, Mary Wollstonecraft. Influenced by the Saxon Locke. This scholar claims that in every historical epoch starting in the 1500s women have adapted the ideas of the philosophers of their time, slanting them feministward. Jee whiz, that sounds familiar to me. You should just accept the ideas as they are without changing them, that’s what’s best for you, little sister.

She says this like it’s a good thing

I will argue that the modern canon of philosophy can be read as a condition of possibility for feminism and liberation of women altogether.

I wish these birds would fly away.

This is a more mature treatment of the subject than I’m used to though. She distinguishes between positive and negative feminist responses to philosophy and says the popularity of the negative is part of feminism’s “childhood”. I.e. saying so and so was a misogynist.

While she’s right it didn’t begin in the 70s, that’s when it got robust, and since that was only a few decades ago, it does seem natural to look at it as often still in a childhood stage. This study is from this year.

Hmmmm I wonder if these two things are connected

historian Joan Kelly, who claimed that women did not have a Renaissance, that they did not have a share in this golden age of human civilization (Kelly, 1984). In Kelly’s interpretation the period was one of decline for women where elite women lost power and autonomy.

99% of women hate when I “insinuate” “something” here, thus they’re feminists. They should just admit it.

Thank god someone has finally gotten over it

The recent more positive approach of feminism will perhaps reduce its stereotypical reputation as only critical and negative.

Think of Zuckerberg’s sister, she’s a good representative of this.

In this general context I think of this meme

We can only hope it’s a movement in its infancy. Unless that’s really all they’re capable of? It’s time to giddy up, partners.

She traces the beginning of the movement to Marie de Gournay and Poulain de la Barre who claimed that the differences between men and women are culturally produced. You ever heard of your ancestors?

Thank you Racine

the term “feminism” is of a rather late date and is believed to be of French origin

The word was first used in the 1870s. Could we interpret it, as I often like to do in other contexts, as a theological movement of sorts? A sect? The Jehovah’s Witnesses also began in the 1870s.

I’m just looking for the truth. Was Locke right or wrong? Does natural liberty and human equality actually exist? And if it doesn’t, what then? “Pretend it does!” Don’t you think there will be consequences for believing in illusions?

Interestingly, Heisman makes a good point about the slave-revolt in values

Now THAT’s an illusion!! It’s advanced to be submissive and overly-delicate. Nah.

Anyway, if not theologically, it can also be looked at as a purportedly scientific movement

Is it a rigorously scientific concept or are they a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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