Here’s an odd book by a Chinese anthropologist

Bin Chun led the very first Qing embassy to the West.

This was in 1866. The Qing Dynasty began in 1644. What was their initial impression of us? (“Us”?)

The emperors of the previous dynasty (Ming) prohibited travel to the west in order to maintain the stability of their country.

This voyage took place six years after the defeat of the Chinese in the second Opium War.

He calls it a Chinese ethnology

This study has a clever title, it plays off “Orientialism” in Edward Said’s sense- The West As the Other: A Genealogy of Chinese Occidentalism.

The Qing court ordered an expedition to learn about the “ocean barbarians”. You remember the brutality and inhumanity of the Opium War – were they wrong to see them that way?

This is what I was looking for the other day (Qian Mu)

These countries counted as “the west” to them. This is their version of early “occidentalism” which is a counterpart to our “orientalism”.

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