Tried youtubing some Rachmaninov and got an advertisement with that monster-looking thing Stacey Abrams. My first thought was of one of the best gifs on the internet which I can’t find anywhere, they must have erased it. It’s the gorilla in armor from Planet of the Apes going “Kill all humans!!” So that led me to looking at other gifs and many really reflect the present day

You disagreeing they reflect the present day.

I’m sure none of my readers have EVER identified with this

At least you’re literate, right?

Remember this scene? It’s the Esoteric Lincoln

The Saxons could’ve been a master-race, and they’re too consumed with their old grievances. Now look who they relate to.

Me and a feminist

Unlike a Saxon, I actually NEED you, so I don’t think of you as that much of an ape. Still, if you’re part of the subhuman cause how else am I supposed to perceive you?

Let me out of here!

They won’t, all the different subhumans are on a team together

Justifying the sixth-class citizen is how the fifth, fourth, third, and second-class citizens can all feel better about themselves.


I’m sure you didn’t relate to any of these gifs portraying anthropomorphic monkeys. If you didn’t then you passed the test! If you did, then, I’ve got some news for you.

“People” who relate to any of these at all should really have a say in politics, huh?

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