It would be better if I was joking about all this. No, these non-human things are out there, they’re everywhere. I don’t care if I’m hated, there needs to be a reminder to those who are not one of them. They will subjugate you. This here is a process of weeding-out. We will get to the pinnacle that cannot be gotten to in some approved institution. The fact of the matter is that equality is a lie imposed by serfs. That’s its origin. Now we have jews and women and jungle persons fighting for it. None of it is real. What is real is “having attention-span”. That is one of the secret meanings of non-equality. The goal in life is to find someone else with attention-span. That’s really a modern euphemism for “caring about things”. I am thinking of Jews here, because they are also some of the only people with attention-span. The kind I can find in public? Not so much. Historically at least. The only way you will appear in the next generations is through appealing to the lowest instincts of “humanity”. The ones who want to bring them higher will only be hated and made into pariahs. This is just how it is. Without masters, the monkey-slaves can only have orgies. They look for immediate pleasure. That’s why there’s such an obesity problem in America. All the different subhumans are one with this goal of animals being able to not be questioned, that’s why they hate white men. Half of white men might as well be negroes. The other half have to hide or else be scapegoated. We believe in higher ideals. We think jews apes women mexicans, all the rest aren’t human at all. Are you angry? You should be able to have a normal discussion rather than relying on banning and disappearing. You obviously identify as an animal. What a nigger. I wish someone would prove me wrong one day. I just don’t expect that to happen. All energies are directed toward proving “subhumans are good ackshually”. No you’re not. You cant even handle criticism. You are the majority of animals. “Watch how I’ll disagree with that.” Do I have to watch a nigger do an act? That’s the sad truth, that POC aren’t the only people who aren’t really people. And you all deserved that. You aren’t people because you act the way you do in the present, and you have the majority on your side. Where is beauty in the world? Am I supposed to act content about all this encroaching ugliness? Real beauty challenges the status quo, and I haven’t seen that for years. Only grifters with no dignity.

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