This seems really accurate

Protagoras and other dialogues depict sophists and orators who have internalized popular morality through shame

Yes, you’re “you”. The catch is that you were shamed into being you.

That is from the description of a book on hedonism. I typed that word into z-library because if I were put on the spot and had to give three words that describe the ideology of our political order that would be one of them. Socrates believed Protagoras was shamed by the public into identifying hedonism with the good life. It’s a question of ethics. Protagoras, as well as Gorgias, are considered the most prominent sophists in all the dialogues. So the two biggest frauds in Athens basically. If you read the dialogues without Socrates there you might never know because they’re both such shrewd and eloquent characters. It’s easy to see why so many were persuaded by them. You might have picked up on that from my posts on Aristophanes also.

The question of hedonism is related to my post on how Alfarabi believed only philosophers could know happiness. Hedonism is a creaturely type of fulfillment. It’s closely linked to laziness, to giving up, and to giving in. Why not eat HALF the cake instead of just one slice? Why not just one more extra scoop of ice cream, why not just one more mindless episode of a show to watch? Why not just one more hour staring blankly at social media? Most people are guilty of hedonism. I’d even characterize the way the Pope concedes to the progs as a form of hedonism. Giving up your principles to be well-liked. It’s always about a cheap form of happiness. Me kissing Jewish feet so I can get a living blowup doll.

Heh, another one of the themes of the Protagoras is the teachability of virtue. It’s so ironic to talk about that when you know you’re mostly facing goblins and orcs. Both of these grotesque characters are different types of hedonist, I might add. The goblin a more intellectual variety thereof. One of the main roles of the goblin in fact is to persuade orcs and humans that being a hedonist is good.

If you wanted to divide the races, distinguishing them by various levels of hedonism would be one of the most accurate ways to do it. This of course has to do with time-preference. Many of the races live only for immediate satisfaction, and they can do no other. There’s likely a neurological mechanism that is responsible for their inability to conceive of the future. And to perhaps be even more controversial one could say that woman is the more hedonistic side of the human race. Without male authority over them many take up prostitution in one form or another, resulting often in an empty future. They can only see the present. Children with a bowl of candy.

Today in “here’s something dismal”

Of course, nominal goods of the soul can still seem important to hedonists, insofar as these produce bodily and reputational goods and pleasures.

Like I said yesterday, they only use what they learn from philosophy to strengthen their animalistic life. That’s ALL that’s possible for them. When presented with an idea, they can only ask, How can I use this to be more warmly accepted by the blob? How can I use this for immediate pleasure? Gossip is a form of hedonism. All they can do is gossip about philosophy as a status-symbol, and/or contort it into a progressive message.

“Reputational goods”, that’s a funny way to put it. That’s its own kind of genre. When they talk they might as well be saying “I am showing you my reputational goods right now.” And this is all because they want to avoid shame. There’s a pleasure in avoiding shame. “Doing a Lincoln” is pretty much like gobbling half of a cake in one sitting. Just a fat slob. So many blubbering fatties they don’t realize it, because that’s ALL they’re surrounded by. Shoving a slice of cake in their mouth with a bare hand. All of them together. A symphony of hedonists. The reason the blacks were enslaved was because they were hedonists. They never developed a mind and subsequently they were easily perceived to be close enough to an animal to enslave them like oxen. Similar with the Saxon serfs who identified with them. Evolutionary theory can be regarded as the question of what races were lazy and only sought immediate pleasure. Quick, post a reputational good as a response to this to immediately satisfy yourself. It’s not exactly immediately pleasurable to read a difficult book, there’s pain involved with understanding it. The subhuman cannot tolerate pain. They “give up and give in” 24 hours of every day typically. The bioleninist is characterized by the need to be a hedonist who lives in denial that there’s a higher form of life.

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