I feel truly alone. I might as well just talk to myself in my room.

Let’s see if I can force myself to pretend there’s anyone worth talking to.

Some of them have carved out a semblance of a life and don’t want to sacrifice their figment of happiness. At least you can be somewhat content living in plasticworld keeping your mouth shut. What’s the alternative? All the different unevolved beings of the world wanting you dead, and that’s more than 99% of so-called sentient life. And the ones who live in plasticworld who aren’t like that want you dead too, they’ll always resent you for reminding them of the other option.

Just accept that what defines humanity is going to disappear because the unevolved beings will group together and kill anyone who shows them they do not possess true humanity. Not dealing with a grave subject here or anything, just the disappearance of the sophisticated thing in the known galaxy. That’s not a problem at all. It’s good if that goes away, isn’t it? So, I see you people who live in plasticworld as not much different from the unevolved niggers if you let that happen without saying anything against it. Truly alone.

It’s sad they won’t allow someone like me into the sciences. I’m the only one who understands what I’m talking about here. The blinding light that is consciousness at its peak, which all the unevolved beings hiss at and indirectly call for violence toward. They know they will never have it. The only option they see is to destroy it and anyone who tries to defend it, so no one defends it. All the sad niggers that never evolved a real brain, that’s who you have to flatter. I count women here too, they hate the light as much as a jungle ape. All worthless “people”. They’re not people. The ones who flatter them aren’t people either. They want to put out the light, and from what I’ve observed pretty much everyone has helped them along the way. I don’t have respect for any of you.

Then we have the type that emerges into consciousness briefly before it switches off again. They see what’s going on, and they want to preserve their dim happiness in plasticworld. And their conscience is startled at the thought of the disappearance of the most sophisticated thing in the universe, so they make some indirect milquetoast protest, then their consciousness switches off again. It’s okay, it’s fine if that disappears, there’s nothing important about it. It already has disappeared in these creatures that can only briefly disagree with whats going on. That’s a manifestation of its flickering.

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