Remember my post on Bryk? That’s some of the best anthropological material I’ve ever seen (and no one’s ever heard of him- duh). Apparently his work used to be brought up in the same breath with Hans Schomburgk who filmed something called “ethnodramas”

I am not finding these on amazon or youtube.

Schomburgk was the first explorer of southern Angola and created the first map of western Liberia, so he can be expected to give us a more originary view of prehistory. And how lucky for us, we get to see it in film. Schomburgk was the first of his kind. A pathos of distance needs to be cultivated and this seems perfect for that, if only the films can be recovered somewhere.

Here is a study on this type of cinema if you’re interested. I’ve youtubed this kind of thing a few times before and haven’t found much, probably for reasons you could expect. What they’re like without their western disguise, that’s what I want to see. Because I think their western disguise is very deceptive. And people end up mimicking their primitive ways because we’re fooled by the western appearance. Do you want to stop acting like a cringey coon or not? There are ways to escape that. Audio-visual methods are probably the best.


Oh good, Pöch actually shows up on youtube. There’s a sort of horror seeing this

They don’t just hand this sort of thing to you on youtube, let alone on television. They prefer people not see it.

What these films did for the viewers. Seems accurate

They want you to only know the savages from the way they live in t-shirts with brands on them, talk on cell phones, and speak english, that way you identify with them.

This was of particular importance, given the fact that German colonial holdings boasted what some anthropologists considered to be living specimens of the most primitive human species. Pöch’s films, taken between 1903 and 1908, targeted two groups that ostensibly vied for first place at the beginning of the evolutionary timeline

One of them is near the place most of the slaves were from.

That sounds like a dangerous experiment to fuse cultures with a people like that, maybe it’s just me. And to live with in totalitarian conditions that don’t allow you to wonder if anything could go wrong with that. That’s where we are!

“They speak english though!”

Little Jimmy, little Susie, it’s time to adopt the culture of the most primitive people on the planet. What could go wrong?

We’re still at this phase

You remember the textual version of this–Bryk–right? Polygamists and whores, that’s the “noble savage”.

Sounds like the direction I want culture to take!

Makes me wonder… WUT, wut is this

Ah another sob-story.

A documentary similar to Franzos’ writings, now that would be good.

“Just leave them alone! Living in certain non-western places for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, didn’t fundamentally shape who they are today.”

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