Look what was published last month

You remember An-sky? Who could forget that name? The book above is the account of someone who traveled with An-sky on his ethnographic expedition.

Earlier I read Franzos explain why he was taught to identify as a German as a child

that I should not see Galicia but rather the West as my homeland

Which is to say that Galicia, a province west of the Pale, was not even considered the West.

Were not dealing with Europeans here in America.

About half of the Jews of the world lived in the Pale. What could these materials tell us about political life today?

“You’ve already talked about the Pale!” Yeah, and what do you know about it? I bet nothing.

Think of Irish or Norwegian immigrants. Did they experience a pogrom? I don’t think so. Something suspicious about that. Were Norwegian immigrants so closely connected with the communist revolution? No. A suspicious people through and through.

Anyway, Rechtman was from the first generation of this type of Zyd- sounds familiar to me

We’re supposed to just forget what happened over there, and believe you changed since then, huh?

I keep thinking about how Shahak confessed that rabbis would edit their sacred texts to trick their host populations, i.e. swap out the word “goyim” for “Egyptian”, and still continue to know secretly that it meant “goyim”. You don’t even have to do that anymore. Your hatred of the goyim is allowed to be expressed with gusto with no inhibition at all. Take me back to the old days when you had to hide it. And get your own country, the real person to be hated is the kind that had to rebuild one in a desert, you pathetic clowns.

So, this Rechtman gives us what is known as the “Oral Torah” of the Pale

I wonder if this so-called “Nathaniel Deutsch” fudged the English translation of this at all.

I keep seeing reference to the Khmelnytsky “massacre” and how the children and children’s children need to remember it. Khmelnytsky was a contemporary of Cromwell. That revolt of the peasants against the zyds must explain heebs of today as much as the English Civil War explains the American Saxons. In Hebrew the Khmelnytsky Uprising is known as Takh ve-Tat, for those interested.

Deutsch claims this ethnography channels nearly half a millennium of Eastern “European” Jewish life.

its author, a kind of literary astronaut, chronicling from a great distance the now destroyed planet he has left behind.

Just a coincidence I go from anthropology of Africa to anthropology of the Pale, right? Right?

Hmm what could this be about?

Image of goyim as vile rapists and killers lodged in their amygdala? The inhuman Stupid Ivan deserves everything he gets?

-NYC Jewess accent- WhY dOeS tHiS kEeP hApPeNniNg tO uS??

Ethnography as a psychological X-ray

It’s time to put an Amusement Park on the Auschwitz “cemetery”, it’s time to forget. I want a roller coaster, I want a Ferris wheel. Enough is enough, the mourning needs to end. That cemetery is at the center of the country.

You see this a lot these days

a curse, as in the phrase yemakh shemo (may his name be blotted out)

That’s the end of the preview, this was only published last month. And there, another casual shitpost of mine that addresses more urgent issues than anything you’ve written in the last ten years.

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