So much history. The time before things Changed

Putting the word “Talmud” before “Torah”, now that’s some honesty you never observe today.

See? You can wear that badge and still be happy


“Yes, I believe in the Talmud, I hate you and feel divinely justified in doing you evil.” – that’s what that badge says.

What, this isn’t your idea of fun? Go listen to some news about Biden licking an ice cream cone instead.

I see where alllll this derives from.

“Stop, this is anti-semitic!”

They’ve been using that excuse since the 1860s. Probably even before that if I had to guess. It’s a smart tactic. It works too. Manipulate the Christians who believe in the Torah.

Back to An-sky though, is this why Jewesses tend to be such total whores?

Without order in life people are going to be miserable. If not now then around the time they hit 40. I saw a 30ish year old woman in the store today, and they can be cute! I was surprised. Before you ask, yes, I’m just trying to stab you when I say that.

An-sky again

There he exposed his students to revolutionary ideas and had them read works that challenged their traditional Jewish upbringing. Once the community discovered this, he was immediately expelled.

There’s a Neo-Orthodoxy in place, that most don’t seem to mind. I’d prefer the old one, personally.

Everyone is sleepy like Biden these days. That is his real political program, and most have jumped on the bandwagon. A youtube ad just popped up and whenever that happens I’m reminded of how reminiscent everyone sounds to them. Corporate boilerplate, thanks.

Nothing is going to save the country without a military takeover. The majority is too corrupt through false education. We need a new ruling-caste that imposes education from the top down to readjust their perception. I don’t care if every last Jew is killed at this rate, limbs strewn everywhere. Maybe the kind like Hodos can be trusted. There, one Jew I can think of. If this isn’t done everyone will progressively go further and further into slumber, first through propaganda, next through genetics. The bulb is dimming. Even after the mere time of one year I can detect palpable retardization. Is this what you want? “Yes!!” The sad truth is that many did identify with those Planet of the Apes gifs recently, they want to be asleep and dumb. Alright, then you know what you are then. My only aim has been to allow people to see what they are.

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