So… I have my own “esoteric” viewpoint on politics that I’m not sure people want to hear. I expect close to no one to agree, really, this is just how I see it.

White people are the bitch of culture. Jews are the phallus.

They use blacks to fuck the whites.

Anyone who openly questions the Jews has a bigger dick than them and they keep them hidden.

All whites who submit to the Jews are castrated.

All blacks and asians who submit to the Jews are castrated.

Only the people who challenge the kikes have a dick.

The rest of you are making excuses.

Just how I see it!

Whenever you promote nigger dicks you are only demonstrating you are a castrated slave of the Jews.

Jews themselves are castrated, that’s part of the meaning of “kagal”.

And they can never admit someone with “balls” or what have you would question them, so they portray them as the opposite of what they are.

The most babydick’d thing in the world is to be a Jew’s bitch. Sorry to tell you. I’m sure you can’t accept it.

Go ahead and challenge them. Wait, you can’t? You must be a total pussy. Are you starting to see the reality here yet?

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