Let’s go to the lake. Yeah right. Women have only tried to slow me down every step of the way, why should I go somewhere and have fun with one of them?

In order to talk about the things I do you need to not care what they think at all. If you do then you might as well merge into their hysteria, their hysteria and materialist inclinations.

The following seems accurate for those not totally severed from their history

So this is a double-layer here. What shaped what shaped the present day?

Again, I’m interested in the meaning of Evil. What was evil before evil as we know it?

As you might expect, they had a monopoly on the economy and there was a lot of exploitation going on before this uprising. The 400 years prior to it is known as a golden age for the Zyds. I showed you some Ukrainian folk poetry a while back that appears to claim that if you didn’t show utmost respect to them they’d destroy your life, rob you, and sell your children into servitude.

This historical snapshot seems more trustworthy than most, as it references Lutostansky a few times. If someone brings him into the mix you know you’re dealing with a real one.

So what is the goyim-hatred rooted in? Why would they have been so inhuman as to orchestrate all that sex-trafficking in the Pale that led to their fate?

For different perspectives you can find this book on z-library

Why 5 year old white children are taught to hate themselves- that is distantly rooted in this man’s actions. He challenged their self-satisfied conviction that they were the chosen people. It must have been a slight to their pride. I showed you how in An-sky’s expedition in 1913 they were still cursing Khmelnytsky as if he were the devil, over 250 years later. 20 years later they’d be faced with their new devil.

♫ Khmelnytsky, isn’t he a bit like you and me? ♫

One might imagine that Sviatoslav was the devil before Khmelnytsky. We don’t have an An-sky to confirm that for us unfortunately.

For as important a topic as Evil is, it’s conspicuous you won’t see it depicted like this in any textbook.

Want to go to the lake? Oh, sorry I actually talk about the real meaning of evil in the modern world, and its real precursors. Going to the lake with you isn’t worth giving that up. And of course there’s a double-sense to this. One can ask whether people like Khmelnytsky were saints who fought the forces of true evil.

This is inspiring. Another case of material an anon could use to pull a Scott and write a historical fiction with

He created the conditions for the formation of Ukraine, he’s sort of like a Washington figure for Ukrainians. There’s not much material in English on him. There aren’t many (relatable) white people like him, hint hint. You do a historical fiction on some slant-eye, it’s not so relatable.

Remember, this is the same Ukraine where the Holodomor took place. It could incorporate that forgotten tragedy of history too.

Or just submit to your masters and do nothing, either way.

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